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The history of Pride month being in June is tied to the protests that happened at Manhattan’s Stonewall Inn in 1969. Over the years, protests and riots have turned into parades and celebrations, which is what we wanted to share in with the 100+ flags in the ECS section.

However, it is increasingly clear that the rights of the LGBTQIAP+ community that have been fought so hard for are being targeted by both lawmakers and less progressive communities, with a primary emphasis aimed at transgender people, especially our youth.

So while we wanted to celebrate the LGBTQIAP+ community and the diversity within that community, we also wanted to share the reminder that not all wins are easy - sometimes they need a little extra support.

In the flag celebration in the section, we started with the common Progress Pride flags and then added many identity flags mixed in. Included were flags representing the transgender community, aromantic community, asexual community, bisexual community, lesbian community, non-binary community, demisexual community, and pansexual community. While the widely used Pride flags are meant to be inclusive of the different identities, flying additional flags are a reminder that we aren’t all represented by one symbol or piece of fabric. We are individual and unique in every community that we enter.

You are welcome as you are in the Emerald City Supporters. We will support the boys on the pitch alongside each other and we will support our LQBTQIAP+ members and family in your fight for equality.

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With every choreo we strive to motivate our players in the last seconds before they take the field of battle. We remind them of the club’shistory,ambition, andvaluesAn occasion as important as the CCL championship called for a strong message, to remind them of the who we are, and of what comes next. And that’s what we set out to do with this display.

We have won so many Cascadia Cups, we had to have a new plaque made this past offseason to add room to list them all. Seriously. We have been so dominant since we joined MLS that we’ve filled the downtown Seattle trophy case and had to buy half of Renton to build another one. Every other club in the league measures their success by comparison to us. 

But this match was about expanding to a new level, going where no MLS team had ever gone before. This display shows the Sounders as the center of the universe, with circles around the crest demonstrating the continued expansion of our dominance. We set our eyes on this next objective, and 90 minutes later our boys brought it to us. 

So now that we’ve captured CONCACAF, who’s ready to take on the world?

More information on the forums about how you can be part of making these and next time you'll be able to say: "I helped make that happen!" 

It’s (almost) time to play for another Cup on our home pitch.

For the seventh time in our MLS history, the boys qualified for the CONCACAF Champions League. In the past two months, they defeated Motagua, avenged the 2021 Leagues Cup loss to Leon, brushed aside defending MLS Cup champs NYCFC, and earned the right to host the second leg of the finals against Pumas.

These boys know this pressure. To paraphrase Stefan Frei after advancing against NYCFC, this is why they are Sounders: to play for trophies. ALL the trophies.

But this time it isn’t just for a trophy. It’s also an opportunity to set another standard for the league. To show the other MLS teams that winning CCL isn’t just for Liga MX.

“There are very few select opportunities to make history,” Frei said. “There’s still one elusive one for the MLS. If you can be that one, it’s going to be massive. … This franchise has a high standard. Sometimes that means pressure but the players enjoy that pressure. We appreciate the fact that we have opportunities to be in pressure moments.”

Since 2016, we’ve played for a Cup of some sort every year but one. Going back even more, to our 2009 MLS debut, we have played for a Cup every year but three. Our success is our legacy. It’s also our expectation. Be there to fight for our boys on as they fight for another trophy.


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Take Your Spot Among the Stars

Throughout history humans have looked to the stars for inspiration. Humans have named these formations after legends, gods, and heroes that they aspire to be like. For the 2022 home opener we wanted to create a “constellation map” honoring a few of the club legends from our MLS history.

We honor Sigi Schmidt as the Sounders first MLS head coach and steward, who guided the club to 4 Open Cup Trophies, a Supporters Shield, and an unheard of 6 playoff appearances for any expansion club. Next to Sigi is our own Fredy Montero, the club’s first MLS goal scorer and leads the team with 68 goals across all competitions, so far. Obafemi Martins and Clint Dempsey represent our “Gemini” twin constellations of sorts, because as a pair they rival any forward combo to ever grace the MLS universe. To the “love of our life” we needed to include Roman Torres and him celebrating the penalty kick to win our very first MLS Cup in 2016. Above Roman, is a special star formation, that of Tom Dutra who has been the Goalkeeping Coach and mentor for the Sounders since 2006. He has shaped the careers for some of the greatest Goalkeepers in the Northwest including: Chris Eylander, Ben Dragavon, Kasey Keller, Terry Boss, Bryan Meredith, Marcus Hahnemenn, Michael Gspurning, Andrew Weber, Josh Ford, Troy Perkins, Stefan Frei, Tyler Miller, Stefan Cleveland, Spencer Richey, and Alex Roldan. On the final constellation curtain we wanted to include two of our most recent stars, Nico Lodeiro and Raul Ruidiaz celebrating goals in their most famous manners.

These constellations don’t represent EVERY Sounders legend by any measure. But for 2022 these players and coaches represent the high bar in which we desire our club to aspire. To that end, we added the overhead message of “Take your spot among the stars.” This phrase makes the display more personal to the audience on the field, because those are our future legends.

As always, thank you to our amazing tifo volunteers - this one took a lot of hands to help produce and deploy. If you are an ECS member, come out and help with the next one!  More information on the forums and next time you'll be able to say: "I helped make that happen!" 

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The start of CCL 2022 is here and the boys are almost back in town, ready to fight for more trophies.

If you haven’t seen it or made your purchase already, check out the 2022 ECS Membership Kit and make sure you’re ready to cheer the boys to victory as a member. While you’re signing up, don’t forget to designate your subgroup!

Feeling like you want to jump in and get ready for the season opener a little early? You know our tifo folks will be busy getting ready before the first match. After your membership is squared away, log into the forums and sign up to help out with tifo production. Check out the post about helping out on matchday tifo crew while you're there! If you can't help until the match, sign up for deployment help – we WILL need your hands!

Can’t help out in person or tifo not your thing? You can also donate to the tifo fund in the ECS store (they like to buy paint and fabric) or sign up for other volunteer opportunities like writing match previews, packing and shipping merch (already purchased memberships are on their way to you as of this week!), member engagement and partnerships, or numerous other options.

In the meantime, warm up those pogo legs and we’ll see you on the terraces soon.