What you'll need:

  • Fabric: We recommend symphony broadcloth from JoAnns
  • Paint: We recommend exterior flat matte paint. You could also use fabric markers.
  • Paint supplies: You may want brushes or markers of various sizes for different levels of detail.
  • Digital projector and laptop
  • Sewing machine or hot glue gun


  • Design an image or adapt from a graphic that you like.
  • Hang your fabric up on the wall and project the image onto it, leaving 3-4" blank on both the left and right sides to be used for the pockets for the poles.
  • Trace the image on the fabric using a pencil or sharpie. 
  • Paint your two pole, taking care of the details and using brushes appropriate for the level of detail.
  • Trim off any excess fabric so that the image is centered on the remaining fabric, and to straighten out any rough edges
  • Fold over 3-4" of fabric on both the left and right sides to the back and sew or hot glue in place to create pockets for poles. Don't forget to close the top, too, or the poles will go right through!
  • Bring your banner to home and away matches, ECS provides the PVC!