By Carrie Valderas

This game has more on the line than just points and beating Portland. The Timbers organization continues to prove what we’ve known all along - they are trash. Back in June ECS leadership evaluated the pros and cons of going to the game at all. At the time we determined that our voices could make an impact and that we would still show up. This decision becomes harder to live with as the weeks go by. What message are we sending to our members by going?

Being a victim of abuse is isolating and terrifying. It takes courage and strength to come forward, especially against powerful people. Knowing that you were ignored and brushed off for coming forward is not only defeating but prevents more people from coming forward. This is the what the NWSL and the Timbers organization did to Sinead Farrelly and Mana Shim. The message they gave to their fans is we don’t care about what happens off the field as long as we are successful on the field. But that was just the tip of the iceberg at that trash heap of an organization. What’s followed has been story after story of domestic abuse, abuse of power, boorish behavior, and incompetence in handling any of it.

ECS reached out to the TA in an effort to make a coordinated stand to bring amplified attention to the continued failings from the Timbers front office and the TA was not interested in coordinating. A decision we can’t quite understand. We’ve heard from the Timbers FO and they’ve made it clear ‘personal attacks’ will not be tolerated. A decision that silences those who support the victims of their abuses. So what now? We cannot ignore that any of what has happened in that organization is in any way okay. That’s not who ECS is. We will go, we will be loud, and we will make it known that The Emerald City Supporters stands with women and stands with those who’s voices have been silenced for far too long.

ECS has made a stand before and we will make a stand again. Believe women. Support women.

It’s (almost) time to play for another Cup on our home pitch.

For the seventh time in our MLS history, the boys qualified for the CONCACAF Champions League. In the past two months, they defeated Motagua, avenged the 2021 Leagues Cup loss to Leon, brushed aside defending MLS Cup champs NYCFC, and earned the right to host the second leg of the finals against Pumas.

These boys know this pressure. To paraphrase Stefan Frei after advancing against NYCFC, this is why they are Sounders: to play for trophies. ALL the trophies.

But this time it isn’t just for a trophy. It’s also an opportunity to set another standard for the league. To show the other MLS teams that winning CCL isn’t just for Liga MX.

“There are very few select opportunities to make history,” Frei said. “There’s still one elusive one for the MLS. If you can be that one, it’s going to be massive. … This franchise has a high standard. Sometimes that means pressure but the players enjoy that pressure. We appreciate the fact that we have opportunities to be in pressure moments.”

Since 2016, we’ve played for a Cup of some sort every year but one. Going back even more, to our 2009 MLS debut, we have played for a Cup every year but three. Our success is our legacy. It’s also our expectation. Be there to fight for our boys on as they fight for another trophy.


Photo Credit Max Aquino

The start of CCL 2022 is here and the boys are almost back in town, ready to fight for more trophies.

If you haven’t seen it or made your purchase already, check out the 2022 ECS Membership Kit and make sure you’re ready to cheer the boys to victory as a member. While you’re signing up, don’t forget to designate your subgroup!

Feeling like you want to jump in and get ready for the season opener a little early? You know our tifo folks will be busy getting ready before the first match. After your membership is squared away, log into the forums and sign up to help out with tifo production. Check out the post about helping out on matchday tifo crew while you're there! If you can't help until the match, sign up for deployment help – we WILL need your hands!

Can’t help out in person or tifo not your thing? You can also donate to the tifo fund in the ECS store (they like to buy paint and fabric) or sign up for other volunteer opportunities like writing match previews, packing and shipping merch (already purchased memberships are on their way to you as of this week!), member engagement and partnerships, or numerous other options.

In the meantime, warm up those pogo legs and we’ll see you on the terraces soon.


Earlier this year, the representatives of the Cascadia Cup Council confirmed that the Cup would indeed be awarded in 2021 after a balanced schedule that allowed for supporters to attend in person was made available. After five of the qualifying six matches, the winner of the Cup will be determined by the result of the final match between the Seattle Sounders and Vancouver Whitecaps on November 7, 2021, with multiple tiebreaker scenarios in play. 

Potential results are as follows:

Scenario A: Seattle wins or draws on 11/7: Seattle wins
Scenario B: Vancouver wins by 3 or fewer on 11/7: Seattle wins
Scenario C: Vancouver wins by 4 on 11/7: Vancouver wins
Scenario D: Vancouver wins by 5+ on 11/7: Vancouver wins

Tiebreaker rules for the Cascadia Cup are as follows:

Tiebreaker 1: Greater number of points earned in matches between teams concerned
Tiebreaker 2: Greater goal difference in matches between teams concerned
Tiebreaker 3: Greater number of goals scored in matches between teams concerned

As such, Scenario A is clear: a Seattle victory or draw makes them the winner with the most points. 

For Scenario B (Vancouver wins on 11/7 by 3 or fewer), all 3 teams will be even on 6 points, therefore the goal difference tie-breaker would be calculated among all three teams. If Vancouver wins by 3, GD would be Seattle +2, Vancouver 0, Portland -2, resulting in Seattle named the victor. 

For Scenario C (Vancouver wins by 4 on 11/7), all 3 teams will be even on 6 points, the goal difference tie-breaker would be calculated among all three teams yielding a further tie as Seattle and Vancouver will both be +1 (Portland -2). Therefore only Seattle and Vancouver would be considered in the next tiebreaker, with Vancouver’s victory on 11/7 being +4, giving Vancouver the Cup. 

For Scenario D (Vancouver wins by 5 or more on 11/7), GD is among all teams, with Seattle at 0, Vancouver at +2, and Portland at -2, resulting in Vancouver securing the Cup.

We hope this clarifies any questions or concerns about the awarding of the 2021 Cascadia Cup.

At long last, the representatives of the Cascadia Cup Council have determined that due to the relaxation of pandemic-related fan restrictions at matches, combined with the opportunity to create a balanced Cup schedule, the Cascadia Cup will have a 2021 champion. The Emerald City Supporters, Timbers Army, and Vancouver Southsiders have discussed all possible options, and the schedule will include:

  • 8/15 Seattle @ Portland
  • 8/29 Portland @ Seattle
  • 9/10 Portland @ Vancouver
  • 10/9 Vancouver @ Seattle
  • 10/20 Vancouver @ Portland
  • 11/7 Seattle @ Vancouver

Should future matches be postponed or see significant changes regarding attendance of supporters, the Cascadia Cup Council may amend this plan, but we are hopeful that the Cup will be awarded this year as intended.