In the hours before the match, our members congregate at our partner bars in the Pioneer Square area. Fuel, Temple, and Merchants offer discounts to ECS members. Make sure to show your membership card to ensure they include your discount.

An hour before kickoff, the march to the match departs from Occidental Park. Be sure to close your bar tabs and be in the square a few minutes before we depart. During the march we sing, wave flags, and raise our scarves in support of the team. We want to show the city and the rest of the fans gathering around the stadium that it’s time for the match. The march goes directly to the supporter’s entrance at the SW corner of the stadium.

Once we enter the stadium, most of us go to the ECS sections in the Brougham End, while others go to their seats spread around the stadium. If you don't have an ECS membership, you can purchase one before MLS matches on the concourse behind section 122. You don’t have to be in our section to participate in our pre-match traditions or in our support during the match. If you are in the ECS sections, you may to have flags or scarves impairing your view at times. We expect everyone in our sections to sing, chant, clap, follow your capo and give your full 90 (occasionally 120!) for the boys on the pitch.

Emerald City Supporters has a newsletter that is sent to its members before matches and occasionally during the offseason.  New members are automatically signed up for the newletter when joining Emerald City Supporters.  If you are not a current member and would like to receive the newsletter, you can do so by filling out the form below.

Stay connected with Emerald City Supporters news and information anywhere you go.  Whether it's checking a forum post, or showing your friends the latest choreo display, with our mobile options, you can stay in touch wherever you are.

Developers, designers, code ECS and want to help?  Send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let us know!  We're always looking for more developers to help us get the word out!



Become a 2023 member of the Emerald City Supporters, the largest independent supporter group of the Seattle Sounders!

The ECS is focused on providing the best support in MLS, and doing so by uniting supporters in their love of the Sounders. We welcome all members who aim to contribute to this mission, regardless of their home base or seat location. By joining ECS, you are ensuring that our traditions like the March to the Match and Boom Boom Clap remain, and that support for our boys continues to grow. As a 100% member driven organization, proceeds from memberships support the flags and large displays you see on matchday.

ECS memberships start as low as $20, and contain exclusive merchandise and valuable benefits only available to members.


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Emerald City SupportersThe tifo displays you see on game day, Emerald City Supporters events, and away trips all take large amounts of effort from Emerald City Supporters members to organize.

While some people like to participate directly in matchday, events, and away trips, people are always asking how they can simply help us continue to support at the standard we have set for ourselves.  A simple, and extremely helpful thing you can do is donate.  

Whether it's your time, your energy, or a small financial donation, we appreciate everything that helps us give a loud, unified voice from the Brougham End that celebrates our team.

To donate, click the button below. Thanks!

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Below is a selection of Emerald City Supporter songs.  While our song list is always changing and growing, most of the songs listed below are traditionally sung during each match.

Download Song Card PDF Here

The bluest skies you’ve ever seen are in Seattle
And the hills the greenest green, in Seattle
Like a beautiful child, growing up, free and wild
Full of hopes and full of fears, full of laughter, full of tears (beers)
Full of dreams to last the years, in Seattle
. . . in Seattle!
Roll On Columbia
Roll on Columbia, roll on
Roll on Columbia, roll on
Your power is turning the darkness to dawn
So roll on Columbia, roll on
We came to drink
We came to drink, we came to sing, whoa whoa
We came to drink, we came to sing, whoa whoa
We came to drink, we came to sing ECS from one thirteen!
Whoa, ooohhh, oohh
Burn destroy wreck and kill, whoa, whoa
Burn destroy wreck and kill, whoa, whoa
Burn destroy wreck and kill, Seattle Sounders surely will!
Whoa, ooohhh, oohh
Emerald City we are here, whoa whoa
Emerald City we are here, whoa whoa
Emerald City we are here, supporting Sounders drinking beer!
Whoa, ooohhh, oohh
Para Ganar
Para ganar los Sounders,
Para ganar los Sounders se necesita
meter muchos goles
meter muchos goles aquí y allá,
Aquí y allá, aquí y allá
¡Vamos Sounders!
¡Vamos Sounders!
¡Vamos Sounders!
(To the tune of "La Bamba")
Eternal Blue Forever Green
Whoa, ooohhh, oohh,
ooohhh, oohh, ooohhh, oohh…
Sha la la la la la la la la
Eternal blue, forever green
Sounders ’til I die!
(drum into accompanied by…)
Whoa…Oh…Oh…Hey…Hey…Hey… (x 4)
When it’s us versus them,
you can always count on me
When it’s us versus them,
it’s a Sounders unity
Sky of blue, Sea of green
Seattle Sounders here we go,
here we go, here we go (x 2)
Ole Ole! Ole Ole, Seattle Sounders here we go
A Sky of blue, A sea of green, Seattle Sounders here we go
(To the tune of "Yellow Submarine")
The Blue & the Green
Go Sounders Go
Fight Sounders Fight
And the entire world will tremble at your might
We sing for you
We love you so
And we will follow you wherever you may go
   (Call) Repeat
(We are the blue!) We are the blue!
(We are the green!) We are the green!
We are the ECS and you can hear us scream! Hear us scream!
(For our boys!) For our boys!
(Until the end!) Until the end!
Our love for you only the Gods can understand!
Seattle Sounders Ole
Ole ole ole ole ole ole hola
Ole ole ole ole ole ole hola
Oh, Seattle Sounders ole!
Sha la la la la la Sha la la la la la
I'm a Sounder
I’m a Sounder, I’m seldom sober
I’m a Sounder, all blue and green
Its when I’m drinking,
I’m always drinking,
To a Sounders victory!
(repeat until capo directs to move on to next verse)
No one likes us, No one likes us!
No one likes us, we don't care!
We are Sounders,
Mighty Sounders,
We are Sounders, from Brougham End!
Sounders 'til I die
I’m Sounders ‘til I die
I’m Sounders ‘til I die
I know I am, I’m sure I am
I’m Sounders ‘til I die
Oh to be a Sounder
(note: The “Oh” sounds more like “Who” in the way it’s pronounced.)
We love our Sounders
Cause we love our Sounders,
Love the Blue and the Green,
And we'll keep on singing,
'til the next victory 
Born In 1974
Born in Nineteen-Seventy-Four,
Sounders! Sounders!
And now we win like never before,
Sounders! Sounders!
We love our boys in famous green,
the greatest team you've ever seen
Seattle Sounders,
Born in Seventy-Four!
(To the tune of "When Johnny Comes Marching Home")
Seattle Sounders Allez
  (Call and repeat, Capo call in parentheses)
(Allez Allez) Allez! Allez!
(Allez Allez) Allez! Allez!
(Seattle Sounders Allez)
Seattle Sounders Allez!
(Seatle Sounders Allez)
Seattle Sounders Allez!
(Repeat above until directed to move on)
Sounders! *clap clap clap*
Sounders! *clap clap clap*
(Repeat until stopped)
Ohhh Allez Allez
Ohhh Allez Allez
Ohhh Allez Allez
Seattle Sounders
Club of Champions
Nothing we haven't won
We conquered CONCACAF 

Duwamish Sown
Duwamish sown (Clap x4)
Seattle's Own (Clap x4)
Sounders FC (Clap x4)
Cascades to Sea (Clap x4)
Lalala lalalala lalalala lalalala

Kingston Town
Lo lo lo lo
Lo lo lo lo
Seattle Sounders

What you'll need:

  • Fabric: We recommend symphony broadcloth from JoAnns
  • Paint: We recommend exterior flat matte paint. You could also use fabric markers.
  • Paint supplies: You may want brushes or markers of various sizes for different levels of detail.
  • Digital projector and laptop
  • Sewing machine or hot glue gun


  • Design an image or adapt from a graphic that you like.
  • Hang your fabric up on the wall and project the image onto it, leaving 3-4" blank on both the left and right sides to be used for the pockets for the poles.
  • Trace the image on the fabric using a pencil or sharpie. 
  • Paint your two pole, taking care of the details and using brushes appropriate for the level of detail.
  • Trim off any excess fabric so that the image is centered on the remaining fabric, and to straighten out any rough edges
  • Fold over 3-4" of fabric on both the left and right sides to the back and sew or hot glue in place to create pockets for poles. Don't forget to close the top, too, or the poles will go right through!
  • Bring your banner to home and away matches, ECS provides the PVC!

What is tifo?

Tifo is derived from the Italian word tifosi, which describes a group of fans, or when used in the form “tifo” more commonly describes choreographed fan support through the use of flags, two-pole banners, smoke/pyro/flares, other visuals such as card displays, and so on. Ultras groups throughout the world create tifo in support of their team or to insult rival teams and supporters.

Can I make tifo?

Yes you can! A popular form of tifo you can make yourself is a two-pole. See our two-pole tutorial for a step by step guide.  We encourage our members to create their own tifo whether this be flags, two poles, or rail banners.  There is additional pride felt when you put the time and energy into creating something from scratch vs purchasing it from a print shop or other business.  If you feel your artistic abilities aren't up to snub, there are many ECS members that can help you with ways to create tifo without being the next Da Vinci.

How can I help?

Check the forums for when we are gathering to make tifo. This will happen throughout the year and is also a great way to meet other members.  Please keep in mind tifo is something that is not discussed outside the group until after it has been displayed.  Photos, social media comments regarding art or location, or releasing sensitive information in any way is not permitted.  

Also, tifo costs money, as a giant overhead can cost thousands of dollars. If you would like to contribute money then please donate through PayPal.

2020 ECS Section Season Tickets

Current ECS Members get priority access to 2020 season tickets in the ECS Section (lower 121, 122, & 123, which is 100% general admission). This is a first come, first serve process, so don’t delay filling out this form! We need and want your voice in the Brougham End!

Information entered in this form will be provided to the Seattle Sounders Front Office for a ticket representative to contact you using your provided contact information. Completion of this form does not guarantee entry into the Supporters Section.

Each year, ECS prepares this list to grow and enhance game day atmosphere in the Brougham End, and to improve the quality of game day support by having as many like-minded supporters in or near the ECS.

121, 122 and 123 are sections in which singing, standing, and giving your full 90 are not only encouraged, but expected. These sections are typically obstructed views due to the presence of flags and other tifo related items, all used to support the boys on the pitch. We want those who want to participate and give their full 90 to move into or near the Supporters Section in 2019.

Join us!


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