By Steve Collins and Rob Scott

Designing Build a Bonfire:

The design of this display started as it always does, tossing ideas around a table. After the initial concept of the Four Horsemen, the extra touches of a burning forest and torches being wielded by our players was added.

We wanted to challenge ourselves with this display by taking things a step further with the detail, size, and production techniques. We used spray paint for the first time on a large display, which gave the design another layer and helped bring it to life, which paid off in the final result.

The selection of players to include in the design was also an easy choice. We wanted to pick a group of players that represented different qualities on our team. Eddie Johnson and his finishing ability, Mike Gspurning and his solid presence in the net, Ozzie Alonso and his relentless defensive tenacity, and Brad Evans for his versatility and tireless play.

Build a bonfire production:

This choreo took 3 weeks to “make”. And that is just the sewing, drawing, and painting. The conceptual phase took much longer. In truth, we were kicking around this idea for months, constantly revising the image, before we started production. Anywhere from 10-20 people helped each day we sewed/drew/painted. Over 25 people helped set up the choreo and almost 50 helped with deployment. 

The total size is approximately 37,000 sqft. Around 70 gallons of paint were used for 100% coverage of all 6 segments. Almost 3,000 cards were used in the wing sections of the Brougham End to help “blank” those sections and focus attention back on the display. We used 35 ropes to hoist the curtains.

Tifo is a labor of love. Tifo nights are very long and they bleed together into very longs weeks. Typically everyone goes and makes a living at their day job, and then we all meet up around 5pm and work until 10pm or later each weekday, weekends we usually start at noon.

We can't say enough about all the ECS members who selflessly and tirelessly offer up their free time to help bring these choreos to life. But rather then rambling on and heaping sappy piles of praise on everyone I’ll simply say this: Up the Sounders and Up the ECS!

If you want to be involved in Brougham End tifo displays in the future, we can help you get your season tickets in the Brougham End! Fill out our season ticket form and we'll work with the Sounders ticket staff to get you moved to the Brougham End.  As always, our members get priority for these types of perks, so make sure your membership is current!


We sing for you, fight for us

The idea behind this choreo is simple: We are here to sing for the Sounders, to support them win, lose, or draw.  We will support in full voice as long as they are on the field.  We expect the same level of passion for the entire match from the players on field.  

Fight for us, for each other, and for yourself. As we give everything for our team, do the same for us on the field.



What did it take to make this display?

The scarf is 176ft long, and 16ft tall.  The 4,000 smaller scarves are the scaled down at the same dimensions and reflect the background color of the large scarf.

Time-wise we are good at what we do.  This display was done in 20 man-hours, courtesy of the members of Emerald City Supporters.


Want to help with future displays?

These choreos aren't free & take many hours to complete.  Coming to a tifo session is a great chance to meet new members, and get more involved in ECS. If you want to donate time then check here  

If you'd like to make a financial donation, you can do so here:

Both of which are EXTREMELY appreciated

Up the Sounders.  Up the ECS