It’s been a bad start. No doubt about it. And, anyone can make reasons to find another distraction, another use for their ticket money, another way to spend their time.

But that’s not what an Emerald City Supporter does. We get stuck in. It’s what we’ve always done. Whenever our club is on the brink, we grab the rope and pull them back.

In fact, this week marks the eight year anniversary of just such a situation. You see, we may be bemoaning the Sounders bad start this year, but it could be much worse. We could be bemoaning the bad start of a team named Seattle Alliance, Seattle FC, or Seattle Republic. No kidding. Eight years ago this week, we voted on our club’s new MLS name, and Sounders wasn’t even an option. That’s the way MLS wanted it, but that is not what they ultimately got.

Through the hard work and dedication of many Emerald City Supporters, the MLS Seattle group was forced to acknowledge the groundswell of Sounders fans and offer a write-in option. That write-in option won, as 82% of ballots had some form of Sounders written in. In fact, you can go back through the public portion of our forums, and read the threads that mobilized our members, and the greater soccer community. Read about the daunting task, read the ‘don’t bother’ replies from some of the detractors, and experience their process as they used Democracy in Sports to save our past from obscurity and protect our future. I encourage every member to take a moment and read some of these threads. Click here and browse up to Page 32. It’s worth your time. Read how ECS members, former capos, and other leaders took it upon themselves to organize, call, email, write in, fight, and ultimately toast to our Seattle Sounders FC.

This is part of our legacy, YOUR legacy as an Emerald City Supporter. Hold that in your hearts.

This Saturday, as you stand in the Brougham End with your fellow Faithful, and we watch our boys take on an old foe, keep this with you: WE ARE THE CHANGE WE WANT TO SEE IN OUR CLUB. Believe in the men who wear our crest, inspire them with your energy and passion, and drown out the nay-sayers with your voices.

This is our home. This is our city. This is our Seattle Sounders FC.

Heather Satterberg, Co-president

photo by Tepid00




How do I join ECS?

Easy. You can buy a membership package starting at $20 either online or in the concourse behind the ECS section up to 30 minutes before every home match (Section 123). Your membership is valid for the entirety of the 2023 season - just be sure to carry your membership card with you to receive your discounts at our partner bars!

Where can I find ECS on matchday?

In Seattle, you can find us at our pregame bar Temple Billiards. Come on in and introduce yourself – as long as you are there to support the Sounders!

One hour prior to kickoff, our members leave the bars and gather in Occidental Park for our traditional March to the Match.

At the stadium, you can find our membership table in the concourse behind section 123 from gates open until 30 minutes prior to kickoff. Come on over and ask us any questions you might have!

During the match, you can find us in the ECS Section, sections 121-123. Seats in lower 121, 122, and 123 are general admission, so find a spot that you think you’ll enjoy, introduce yourself to your neighbors, and be prepared to stand and support for the full match! Remember that in the ECS section, participation is the expectation!

Outside of Seattle, we have organized viewing locations all over the country for every home and away match. Take a look at our Subgroups page to find your local subgroup, and join other ECS members in supporting the Sounders!

Do I need to stand in the ECS section/live in Seattle to be a member?

Not at all! While ECS members are always welcome and encouraged to join us in voice in the Brougham End when they are able, we have many members who support from other sections in the stadium, from home, or from cities and towns around the globe. What unites us as Emerald City Supporters is our shared mission of providing the Sounders with the best support in Major League Soccer. Your membership dues help us to grow the size and caliber of our matchday displays, and your involvement helps to grow and strengthen our community. If you are not local, we encourage you to check out our Subgroups page to identify viewing parties and community activities in your area of the country. Otherwise, keep an eye on our members only emails to learn about non-matchday activities and community events!

Who can join ECS?

We welcome any new members who are dedicated to supporting the Sounders. Speech or conduct that creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive supporting environment for Sounders FC fans and supporters based on their sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or transgender status, race, religion, disability, ethnic origin, national origin, or age will not be tolerated in the Supporters Section or at any ECS-sponsored events, and we actively discourage such language and behavior. If you experience someone violating these standards in our section, please talk to a capo (the individuals on elevated stands throughout the section) who will flag ECS Security to help resolve the issue.


Do I have to be a paid member to be in ECS?

As ECS is 100% member driven and funded, we encourage all supporters who support the mission of ECS to become a paid member if they are able. With membership options starting at just $20, it is our goal to limit the financial burden on members, while still operating at our highest capacity. Membership comes with many benefits that quickly add up, often totaling far more than the cost of the membership itself by the end of the season. If you love the atmosphere and competitive edge that your fellow supporters bring to the match every gameday, consider becoming a paid member today!

What is the history of ECS?

The ECS was formed in 2005. Back then we supported the Seattle Sounders of the USL Division 1. We look at Seattle Sounders FC as a direct continuation of the same soccer tradition that the USL club was a part of. We are the largest Sounders supporters group and one of the largest in Major League Soccer. We follow our own model for support which, based on the multinational spread of our members, aims to fill the terrace with large flags, vocal chants, and pride for the city of Seattle and the Puget Sound.

Can I bring kids into the ECS section?

ECS is a community of members of all ages, and we encourage you to get your family in on the action if they are interested in supporting! We do advise that the kids would have to be able to handle colorful language and folks jovially drinking, jumping, and singing. As always, please note that participation IS the expectation in the ECS section, whether you are 8 or 80.

Do I have to sing in the ECS section?

YES. Participation is the expectation. This is the main requirement of the ECS section: if you stand with us, we expect you to sing and will strongly encourage you to do the same. To the same effect, the use of cell phones during the run of play is strongly discouraged. We are counting on you to help us create the best atmosphere in Major League Soccer at every match. Don’t know the words to our songs? Find a capo (the folks facing you on elevated stands with megaphones) for a card with our song lyrics!

If you do not support from the ECS section, we encourage you to make it your personal mission to help spread the supporter culture throughout the section (or bar) you are in! It is this initiative from our non-South End members that led to our group becoming the first and only in MLS to get the entire stadium to regularly participate in chants (Come On Seattle and the Boom Boom Clap, as examples). So we ask that ECS members not in our section spread our songs and culture and to take initiative on this matter!

Can I join you for away games?

Absolutely. Away travel is a favorite part of ECS membership for many. ECS purchases an allotment of tickets to every away match. We encourage ECS members to purchase their tickets with us, ensuring that they are surrounded by other Sounders fans. By grouping our away travelers, we are able to create more cohesive support and to better protect the safety of our members. A benefit of being a paid ECS member is that you will receive discounts on away tickets purchased through us here. We also arrange a pregame meet-up at a bar or a tailgate for all away games. For bigger trips we may also arrange a group rate at a hotel, bus transportation from the pregame meet-up to the stadium (if transit options are not good), and additional meet-ups besides the pregame one. For more information about away trips head to away trip forums here. Join us on the road in 2023!

What’s Tifo?

Tifo is short for the Italian word tifoso, meaning supporter. It is used as a general term to describe flags, banners, confetti, balloons, paper rolls, smoke, flares, scarves, and any display that supports your club. We encourage all of our members to make and bring tifo to the match. For big matches, we often create larger displays or choreographies in a more organized fashion. We are always looking for our members to create tifo, especially two poles, for which we provide poles in stadium at every match. We also encourage our members to join our tifo parties for the large displays where you can get a chance to learn and participate in some handy supporter arts and crafts alongside your fellow supporters. These events are typically great social events where you can learn from others and talk about your respective experiences at football matches around the globe – all while you trace outlines, paint, sew, etc. To get involved and learn more about tifo, visit the out About ECS Tifo page.



Emerald City Supporters (ECS) is an independent supporters group of Seattle Sounders FC founded in 2005. It is our mission to provide the best support in Major League Soccer, doing so by uniting supporters in their love of the Sounders. On matchdays, you can find many of us in the South End, pushing our boys onto victory through coordinated songs, flags, and large displays.
But regardless of where you support -- the 300 level at Lumen, on your couch, or across the country -- we welcome all members who aim to contribute to our mission. By joining ECS, you are ensuring that our traditions like the March to the Match, call and repeats, and the Boom Boom Clap remain and that our support for the Sounders continues to grow.




ECS is 100% member driven and funded, meaning we receive no financial support from corporate sponsors or the Sounders organization. It is the proceeds from our memberships that give us the opportunity to create the flags and large displays you see on matchday, as well as pre-purchase group tickets to provide our members with discounted tickets to all Sounders matches, home and away.
Above all, ECS is a community of diverse individuals that are united in their love of the Sounders. By becoming an ECS member, you are joining a close knit family that stands for equity, inclusion, and respect for all. When you wear your membership shirt and scarf, you are standing shoulder to shoulder with thousands of past and present members from around the world, joining your voice with theirs to lift our Sounders on to victory. You can stand proudly, knowing that you are continuing to write the legacy of the Emerald City Supporters, the best supporters in Major League Soccer.
Whether you are a diehard from seventy-four, a transplant looking for a place to call home, or visiting Seattle for the first time, come check out the Brougham End and GET TO KNOW YOUR NEIGHBOR.



Beyond supporting gameday activities, joining the ECS community in 2023 will reward you with a number of benefits, regardless of your seat location or home base. Benefits include:

  • The 2023 ECS Member Shirt
  • The 2023 ECS Member Scarf
  • Access and discounts on tickets to all home and away matches in the ECS section
  • Access and discounts on bus transportation for most Cascadia away matches
  • Ability to join regional and interest-specific subgroups
  • Access to exclusive ECS merchandise
  • Discounts at ECS partner bars and businesses
  • Discounts on ECS Pub League registration and ECS FC outdoor league fees
  • Access to ECS social events and workgroup activities (including tifo sessions, away viewings around the country, tailgates at away matches, and the infamous ECS End of Season party)
  • Subscription to ECS email list (match previews, invitations to exclusive events)
  • Access to ECS forums (private ticket exchange, away trip planning, development of new songs)


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