Brandy Vanderhoof
Director of Partnerships

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When I attended my first Sounders’ match in 2011 I immediately fell in love with the atmosphere that ECS created and I was 100% in. The lyrics “Our love for you only the gods can understand” spoke to me on a whole new level, because prior to 2010, I didn’t watch soccer, any soccer. At all. But after that first match, I joined ECS and started going to every home match, away viewing, ECS happy hour, and tifo event. In 2012, I left for a year to attend school in San Francisco, but you couldn’t keep me away from my Sounders. I connected with other Sounders supporters through the Bay Area Sounders Supporters group and together we worked together build that group into what is now the Bay Area/Northern California subgroup, Fog City Faithful.

Near or far, ECS is my home and the Sounders are my passion. As Director of Partnerships & Events, my goal is that everyone will get to know their neighbor (pogoing optional) at one of our Official Away Viewings or events. If supporting the Sounders is your passion, I want ECS to be your home. On match days you can find me in section 122 or 123, for away matches I’ll be drinking an ECS beer at an Official Away Viewing, or following my capo in enemy territory. All other times look for me at one of our partner bars planning our next ECS event or on the field playing ECS Pub League, Classic Division.

If you would like to get involved and volunteer with ECS Partnerships and Events or would like to be an ECS Partner, please reach out to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Monica Benz
Merch Director

Monica Benz Merch Director

I’m born and raised in Seattle and couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. I went to my first Sounders game in 2014 sitting in club seats. I kept looking over at The Brougham End and wanting to be part of it. The next season, I had my GA ticket, ECS membership and haven’t looked back. As a ead of the ECS merchandise and membership team, I’m excited to welcome new and old members to ECS. I’ve also put in time with our Tifo team on gameday crew and a member of the production team. Swing by Temple or the merch table pre-match and say hi! We can help you with everything from getting involved with ECS, introducing you to local subgroups and helping locate the stadium frosé machine.

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Jeff Krauss
Choreo Director

Jeff Krauss 01 07 2020

Near the end of 2016, in my second season as a season ticket holder, I decided to join ECS in a large part because I enjoyed the large displays and wanted to help support them. The following year I discovered I could help actual make them and started showing up to production sessions regularly. A few years flash by and, having worked on nearly every display since then with an amazing group of people, I'm now responsible for making them happen! I want to get as many folks possible involved in making our displays since the more hands we have, the bigger the projects we can do to inspire the team and the stadium. Please reach out if you have questions or want to get involved!

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Timothy Wood
Tifo Crew Director

Timothy Wood Leadership profile

As a former Sonics fan, I was leery of getting involved with a new team. But after attending a few matches with my family, I got some extra tickets from a coworker in ECS and attended an amazing Open Cup match in GA at Starfire and was hooked. I attended only a few matches after that outside of the Brougham End. The last one was an infamous drubbing -- I kept looking over at the supporters and seeing how they kept singing no matter what, and kept getting *louder* on each setback. OK, that is what support means -- I'm in.

Fast forward some seasons and for the last couple, I've been privileged to help and eventually lead the Tifo Crew teams. We come in extra early on match days to set up capo stands, drums, flags, and all the other tools that help the section provide amazing support. I've also developed a love of sergers, paint, ropes, pulleys, and the joy of raising an enormous display that is aimed directly at just the eleven boys on the pitch, but hopefully inspires tens of thousands.

If you want to get involved, look for me under my flag in lower 122 and I can help get you started!

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Todd Soper
Director of Security 

*please, no photographs*

My main responsibility is functioning as the point of contact for all communications with MLS Security liaisons, CenturyLink Security, Staff Pro, Alcohol Enforcement, Fan Engagement Teams and the various security teams/front offices and law enforcement organizations, home and away. Although it’s always a work in progress I strive to open lines of communication for educating the groups listed above on supporter culture and what our long term visions are for expanding our group. I also coordinate ECS Security team members with ECS Travel Monkeys and TIFO Crews to insure safe passage for our members and our property in and out of wherever we may go so we can continue to generate our atmosphere and properly support our boys on the pitch.

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Eileen West
Director of Home and Travel Tickets

Since the very first MLS Sounders match in 2009 from a random work group buy, I have attended almost every home Sounders match.  It took me a minute to go out of my comfort zone and join ECS. I did so in 2011 because I wanted to attend away derby matches. Then in 2012 on a Thursday night Gma and I randomly decided to drive to San Jose Away that weekend and I was hooked on away travel. Since then, I have attended over 60 away matches. Former Co-President Heather Satterberg took notice of my love of traveling (yes I am still afraid to fly) to away matches and invited me to join the Travel Monkeys. I was then asked to join leadership as head travel monkey in the late summer of 2016. Since then my role in leadership has expanded to include being in charge of both home and travel tickets. I oversee and manage both home and away monkey teams that are an incredible and amazing group of volunteers spread out all over the US.

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Tom Biro

After moving to Seattle in 2009, I fell in love with this wild, crazy, amazing thing that is the impact the Sounders have on our great city and its people. I joined ECS after a few years of observing from afar (or at the bar, let’s be frank) and was pulled into our leadership group one day by former Co-President Greg Mockos, who asked that I help with our communications and social media. From that moment it’s been full speed ahead, and I’m proud to have dabbled in travel, tifo, design, and other areas where our volunteers do fantastic work every single day. As Co-President, I’m here to help our group flourish and grow, assist our leadership team in exceeding their goals, and be a conduit between the club and our support. And sometimes I post obnoxious things on Twitter.

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Kyle Shields
Head of Gameday Ops

You can find me on I-90 en route to Royal Brougham Park from Yakima, posted up in Temple, or mosh with me as we march to the match. After that you’ll have to wait until Victory Dogs because the only thing that I want to do while our boys are on the pitch is go absolutely mental and lose my shit. As the head capo for the ECS it’s my job to get all of you to do the same. I have the responsibility and pleasure of working to organize and help improve every aspect of gameday. I’m also a proud founding member and president of the Dry Side Supporters. During my time in the Brougham End I’ve witnessed the growth of the ECS and one of my goals is to harness that growth to expand our influence throughout the stadium. Let’s grab a slice and chat about how you can help!

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Gabriel Allen
Subgroup Director

A resident of Tacoma, an ECS/Subgroup member since 2013, I have been a member of 253 Defiance as long as I’ve been an ECS member. In 2014, I agreed to serve as President for 253 Defiance FC and a 253 Defiance board member. Today I am proud to represent and advocate for all ECS subgroups across the US. I coordinate communication between ECS leadership, subgroup leadership and between subgroups. I act as an advisor for new subgroups and as an ambassador for well established subgroups. My goal is to make sure each subgroup has what they need to support the Sounders, no matter the city, no matter the opponent. You can also find me on the occasional capo stand.

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Shawn Wheeler

I’ve been an ECS member since 2010 and part of leadership since 2013. Over the years I’ve served in a variety of leadership roles including starting our support of S2, organizing the Zach Scott testimonial and most recently as tifo director. As co-president, my job is to build a vision for ECS and a plan for how we’ll get there. I’m passionate about developing the supporter mentality within the group and spreading our culture.

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