If you’re lucky, a rivalry is born of organic moments in important battles, rather than manufactured promotions from a parent organization hungry for money. In 2019, we were blessed by so many moments that fueled the fires between the Sounders and the rebirth of Chivas.

While we went down to the Banc and came home with hardware that October, there’s no denying that one of the more iconic moments from that match is Nouhou sparing a member of the Sounders’ digital team from a rogue beer can that came flying from the stands. An epic moment caught on camera, made more epic by it being Nouhou.

For this match, we wanted a display that was direct and something we could do in the small production window between playoff rounds. This display was created from idea to completion in less than a week, thanks to our tifo volunteers. A design quickly came to life, fabric was sewn, and the design was painted in approximately 150 volunteer hours during that week from about 20 total volunteers.

If you’re interested in learning more about becoming a tifo volunteer, send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or look for a 2024 volunteer signup link to go live in January via email and discord.

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Sports seasons tell stories and, while 2023 had its rough patches, we knew at the beginning of the year, that our history wasn't a fluke. 2023 was going to be another story of the mighty Sounders and their path to the playoffs.

To that point, we kicked off the 2023 playoff campaign much like we kicked off the regular season - with a reminder from LL Cool J and his grandma that we came here to win - and party.

This display came together in a two-week window with help from approximately 25 volunteers, including sewing 1,200 feet of fabric seams, creating and drawing the design, painting, putting on the finishing touches, and setup and deployment on match day. Our small but mighty squad of tifo volunteers has worked hard this season, but we're not done yet.

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2023 EternalBlueForeverGreen

This mantra is our commitment to fighting for our colors and our club in good times and in bad, no matter the challenges we face, the run of form, or what the future holds. Our team holds the same commitment as we do, they’ve fought this season through ups and downs, through injuries and absences. They’ve picked themselves up after last year’s disappointment and proven they deserve a position in the postseason. Few players represent this better than Nicolas Lodeiro, who has lived the mantra since the day he joined in 2016, and with his leadership and contributions on the field has brought glory to the club.

Photo Credit: @PNWmf on twitter

Photo Credit: @PNWmf on twitter

The “Pride In Each Other” artwork collection was co-created by eight supporter groups across five North American soccer leagues and Louisiana-based artist Thomas Wimberly. ECS and the seven other supporter groups are taking part in Common Goalʼs Play Proud program, which unites professional clubs, supporter groups, and community organizations in the effort to make soccer a safe and welcoming space for everyone, with a special focus on the LGBTQ+ community. At a time when LGBTQ+ rights are under attack across North America, this artwork aims to amplify the message of inclusion.

For this display, we took the original artwork, and two variations of the "Pride in Each Other" sentiment from the original creation - "Pride In The Game" and "Pride In Our Club" and turned them into Sounders-colored 8' x 8' displays held up on PVC. We added the "Pride is 24/7/365" text banner as we deployed this display at the July 1 match, a day when companies who have historically rainbow-washed their logos and social media for Pride Month in June often remove such appearances of support.

Additionally, the original artwork was printed on a 4x6 card that was distributed in cup holders across the Brougham End to provide additional context for fans.

The second half of the 2023 Play Proud program will be hosted by New Mexico United in September.

You can find the Sounders' press release about the Play Proud program here

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A simple yet important sentiment in the current landscape: offering support or love for our LGBTQIA+ family, friends, neighbors, etc., is not enough. Between attempts across the country (and the globe) to take away rights or access via political means, to targeted violence against community events and even businesses who host events or support the community, we must do what we can to protect LGBTQIA+ folks. 

With these text banners, we included approximately 60 various Pride flags and identity flags scattered in the section.

If you want to donate to a local organization with on-the-ground impact, please consider donating to Gender Justice League WA or Lambert House.

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The three constants in life: death, taxes, and playing Portland. Our Cascadia Cup campaign didn't start off the way we hoped this season, so we wanted to remind the boys of our legacy of Cascadia wins. The 150-foot-wide curtain came together during a quick production window and went up with 24 ropes. 


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After his third studio album release in 1989, LL Cool J was being hammered by critics and peers alike for being soft, many saying he fell off. What followed was a blistering response to those critics with his single, “Mama Said Knock You Out,” inspired by a conversation with his grandmother in which she gave him the titular instructions.

Cool James led off the song with the now iconic phrase, “don’t call it a comeback,” telling his critics right away that he never fell off in the first place.
With this display we use the phrase to remind the league and the talking heads that our Sounders spent years building their legacy and they’re not done yet. Certainly not after winning the continental championship. Consider this a warning that we’ve told our boys to knock you out and we expect them to return to the pitch with the same fury with which LL returned to the studio.
So, don’t call it a comeback. We never left. We’ve been on top. That’s where we belong. That’s where we’re going to stay.
If you want to join the party, buy your membership and then sign up to become a volunteer. ECS is a volunteer-led and volunteer-driven organization. This display took approximately 400 volunteer hours from concept call to deployment on match day - including design, sewing, drawing, painting, and setup. If you want to get on the tifo volunteer list and help with the next one, let us know.
(Shoutout to our Steward, who played along when given a gold chain pre-match with no context.)
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A trip to Morocco for a little tournament called the Club World Cup? Sign us up. After a preseason visit to Spain, the Sounders' world tour added another continent to the list with a trip to Tangier, Morocco. With little time to prepare a display and uncertain guidelines and section space (thanks, FIFA), we went with a text message, adapting a line from a little-known writer, a Mister Shakespeare, to remind the boys - and the rest of our opponents back in the states - that we don't just play domestically. From Honduras to Canada, Argentina to Mexico, Trinidad to Tangier - our club wants to win trophies at home and away.

If you want to join in and support the boys toward more hardware, buy your membership and then sign up to become a volunteer. We'll see you on the terraces soon!

While the Sounders are the first club to start back up in 2023, it felt like The Longest Offseason with how the 2022 league campaign ended. We're still endlessly proud of the boys for winning CCL, but snapping that playoff streak stung a bit. For their first public practice on the first weekend of January, we wanted to remind the team that it can be good to be challenged and tested like 2022 did -- it keeps them hungry, makes them want to fight for more, and reminds them that we have something to prove - to each other and to the league. 

If you want to get involved with ECS this year, buy your membership and then sign up to become a volunteer. We'll see you on the terraces soon!