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2017 ECS Section Season Tickets

Want to be part of the ECS Section in 2017 and beyond!? Do you want to be a part of the world class support emanating from the south end of Royal Brougham Park?! Do you want to be an agent of change in the growing supporters culture in Seattle? Then here is your chance! Fill out the form below to get in line to get 2017 season tickets in the Supporters Section! Want to get a vibe of what the supporter section is about, check here:

Current ECS Members get priority access to newly available 2017 season tickets in the three General Admission ECS Sections (sections 121, 122, 123 lower). This is a first come, first serve process, so don’t delay filling out this form! We need and want your voice in the Brougham End!

Information entered in this form will be provided to the Seattle Sounders Front Office for a ticket representative to contact you using your provided contact information. ECS does not guarantee entry into the Supporters Section.

ECS is preparing this list to enhance game day atmosphere in the Brougham End in 2017 and to improve the quality of game day support by having as many like-minded supporters in or near the ECS.

We want those that want to participate and give their full 90 to move into or near the Supporters Section in 2017. 121, 122 and 123 are sections in which singing, standing, and giving your full 90 are not only encouraged, but expected. These sections also will have the potential of obstructed views due to the presence of flags and other tifo related items. Dont know what tifo is? Check here: Dont know the songs? You can learn them, check here:

If you do not feel comfortable going this route, feel free to contact your season ticket representative and ask to be moved near the supporters section.

Thank you for your Support,

ECS Leadership


ECS Season Ticket requests are closed for the 2017 season.

HOWEVER, single tickets for every match are available to our members in the ECS Store.