ECS Leadership

Dylan Vanderhoof
Web Director

I’ve been a member of ECS since 2010 after my first Sounders match in the ECS section.  Having previously been one of those “Only watches the Premier League” soccer fans, I couldn’t believe what I was missing out on by ignoring my local team.  Since then, I’ve been involved as a tifo crew and production lead, ECS FC team manager and ECS FC Player, ECS FC Pub League player and advocate, and took over the vacant Web Director position in 2012.  My overriding goal is to ensure that the technology and infrastructure behind ECS and ECS FC’s online operations is maintainable and usable for future ECS leads in all of our workgroups for the foreseeable future so that the organization can exist and operate long after the current leadership group has moved on.  Also, I spend a lot of time drinking wine and yelling at soccer matches.

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