ECS Leadership

Kyle Shields
Head of Gameday Ops

You can find me on I-90 en route to Royal Brougham Park from Yakima, posted up in Temple, or mosh with me as we march to the match. After that you’ll have to wait until Victory Dogs because the only thing that I want to do while our boys are on the pitch is go absolutely mental and lose my shit. As the head capo for the ECS it’s my job to get all of you to do the same. I have the responsibility and pleasure of working to organize and help improve every aspect of gameday. I’m also a proud founding member and president of the Dry Side Supporters. During my time in the Brougham End I’ve witnessed the growth of the ECS and one of my goals is to harness that growth to expand our influence throughout the stadium. Let’s grab a slice and chat about how you can help!

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