ECS Leadership

Eileen West
Director of Home and Travel Tickets

Since the very first MLS Sounders match in 2009 from a random work group buy, I have attended almost every home Sounders match.  It took me a minute to go out of my comfort zone and join ECS. I did so in 2011 because I wanted to attend away derby matches. Then in 2012 on a Thursday night Gma and I randomly decided to drive to San Jose Away that weekend and I was hooked on away travel. Since then, I have attended over 60 away matches. Former Co-President Heather Satterberg took notice of my love of traveling (yes I am still afraid to fly) to away matches and invited me to join the Travel Monkeys. I was then asked to join leadership as head travel monkey in the late summer of 2016. Since then my role in leadership has expanded to include being in charge of both home and travel tickets. I oversee and manage both home and away monkey teams that are an incredible and amazing group of volunteers spread out all over the US.

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