ECS Leadership

Dave Kreczko
Director of Partnerships

I moved out to Seattle from Ohio in 2007.  I had been looking for a community to belong to.  Unfortunately I missed the very first MLS match in 2009, but I bought some club seats for match #2 and was hooked.  I had to figure out what was up with those guys behind the goal!! I immediately joined up, and in 2010 purchased my first season ticket through ECS. I grew hooked on travelling to away matches, starting with 2010 LA playoffs. That love for following the boys got me involved in travel monkey duties, which then morphed into arranging all of the away viewings and other partnerships. One of my goals for partnerships is to make watching away matches (in person or at a partner bar) as fun and cheap as possible for our members.  ECS is my family away from family. #EBFG 

….now where did I put my pants??

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