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Timothy Wood
Tifo Crew Director

Timothy Wood Leadership profile

As a former Sonics fan, I was leery of getting involved with a new team. But after attending a few matches with my family, I got some extra tickets from a coworker in ECS and attended an amazing Open Cup match in GA at Starfire and was hooked. I attended only a few matches after that outside of the Brougham End. The last one was an infamous drubbing -- I kept looking over at the supporters and seeing how they kept singing no matter what, and kept getting *louder* on each setback. OK, that is what support means -- I'm in.

Fast forward some seasons and for the last couple, I've been privileged to help and eventually lead the Tifo Crew teams. We come in extra early on match days to set up capo stands, drums, flags, and all the other tools that help the section provide amazing support. I've also developed a love of sergers, paint, ropes, pulleys, and the joy of raising an enormous display that is aimed directly at just the eleven boys on the pitch, but hopefully inspires tens of thousands.

If you want to get involved, look for me under my flag in lower 122 and I can help get you started!

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