ECS Leadership

Monica Benz
Merch Director

Monica Benz Merch Director

I’m born and raised in Seattle and couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. I went to my first Sounders game in 2014 sitting in club seats. I kept looking over at The Brougham End and wanting to be part of it. The next season, I had my GA ticket, ECS membership and haven’t looked back. As a ead of the ECS merchandise and membership team, I’m excited to welcome new and old members to ECS. I’ve also put in time with our Tifo team on gameday crew and a member of the production team. Swing by Temple or the merch table pre-match and say hi! We can help you with everything from getting involved with ECS, introducing you to local subgroups and helping locate the stadium frosé machine.

Follow Monica on Twitter: @ginganinjabenz