ECS Leadership

Mindi Rice
Choreo Director

I attended my first Sounders match in 2017 and saw Clint Dempsey score a penalty right in front of the Brougham End. Instead of watching the players celebrate, I was distracted by the wild celebration happening in 121, 122, and 123. I joined ECS shortly after and was a regular at tifo production by the end of the 2018 season. To me, the magic of the Sounders, ECS, and this community is the bond between the supporters and the team. While the boys can hear us (wherever they may go) always, our displays are a love letter to bring us all together.

We love seeing new people come help with tifo - if you want to paint, sew, design, help with deployment or crew on match day, or something else, please reach out - tifo (at)!

Mindi is on most of the socials under her full name.
And you can follow ECS Tifo on Twitter: