4 months ago, while the 2012 season was still winding down, we began discussing our 2013 choreo concepts.  The first one that had it's concept laid out was the 2013 home opener.

The Concept...

The concept was simple, we want the Sounders to rise above the competition.  This lead to the design of a Sounder rising out of a sea of players to make it to the 2013 MLS Cup.  There is also another hint towards making the 2013 MLS Cup behind the players with the cup itself.

Who are the players?

The players are actually not specific to actual players from any of the teams. This was done intentionally as we want the players to reflect the entire teams they represent, rather than a specific player.

What teams are represented?

All Western Conference teams are represented in the display.  The hardest one to identify is San Jose, who is represented by the keeper.

What does it take to make a display like this?

13,000 sqft of fabric, 55 gallons of paint, almost a mile of seams, and 560 man hours is what it took to make the 2013 “Rise Above” Seattle Sounders home opener choreo, courtesy of the members of the Emerald City Supporters

Want to help?

These choreos aren’t free. If you want to donate time then check here If you want to make a financial donation, you can do so here.

Both of which are EXTREMELY appreciated.  

Up the Sounders. Up the ECS.