By Shawn Wheeler

Let’s be honest, Saturday was one of the best days in club history.  The introduction of Clint Dempsey as the Sounders newest designated player, shattering the record contracts for both the club and the league, left many of us in tears.  As he unzipped the sweatshirt, the fans of Seattle got the first glimpse of Deuce in rave green, wearing his traditional #2.  And the deafening roar of approval went up, both for the introduction of Deuce but also as a sign of appreciation for the clubs spending habits.

But that was just the beginning.

After the presentation at midfield, Dempsey made his way around the field and climbed atop our capo stand.  This was his introduction to the supporters, to the die-hards, to those of us that live and die with the club.  Someone put an ECS scarf around his shoulders, a welcoming gesture to the man who will join us as the face of the franchise.  As the national anthem ended and the US Soccer captain stood soaking it up, we deployed our choreo; a display designed, constructed, and painted in less than 4 hours the night before with little more than a hashtag and “confirmed” rumor that we had indeed signed the superstar.  #DempseyWatch was no more, #DempseyFound was our reality.  We stood in tears, hugged and celebrated as much for the present moment as the promise it provides for our future.  Expectations are through the roof now, for both Clint and the club.  And now that it’s a done deal, Clint knows that we’ll be with him every day as we fight together to get some silverware.