ECS members,

It’s about that time. Kickoff to 2014 is now just a few days away, and it’s time to shift the focus from the offseason to supporting our boys as they chase silverware in 2014, with the passion we have to support home and away. We want our ECS members to embrace and learn our history, and realize that although most of us have been here supporting for less than a decade, there were thousands before us that fueled the Sounders passion in the Northwest. Without that history and fan base, the current success and popularity of the Sounders would have stood on a shaky foundation. Instead the foundation of professional soccer in Seattle is firm and solid for future generations to build on! We invite all members to seek out historical information and facts, to dig for it, to share it with friends and family, and to fully embrace the history of our young yet storied club. Please check the Sounders Museum.

In addition to getting to know the Sounders history more, embrace the ECS culture and what we are about. Read through our about page so that you know all the aspects of what we do and who is leading efforts in our different areas of support (game day, capos, tifo, merch, away travel, communications, partnerships, etc). Find your place in our group and you can help us grow in 2014. Reach out to those on leadership as they can help you connect with the right people to better our support for the boys on the pitch.

This offseason the ECS has made some changes that we believe will further improve our game-day support. These improvements include:

·         We moved more than 120 ECS members into the 6 supporter sections.

·         ECS will have 10 tickets in upper 122 for new, non-season ticket holders to try out the supporter experience.

·         There will be a BIGGER DRUM.

·         There are more flags.

·         Sections 119-126 will have more and better warnings to ticket buyers about what to expect in the 6 supporter sections.

·         Brougham End ticket holders will see improved signage regarding our style of support as they enter the terraces.

·         Gameday tifo is introducing variety and more thought into the section’s overall look for each match.

·         There will be more organizational emphasis on the march to the match.

·         Travel plans for the entire season are being finalized in the preseason so you can plan to support The Boys throughout the season.

·         Mentality Gear will come back in 2014, with a new delivery platform.

·         ECS has partnered with Redhook to launch our new beer: No Equal Blonde available at all our partner bars, at the stadium, and at groceries throughout the Northwest.

These are just some of the improvements that you will see this year. These are all geared towards our objective of the entire Brougham End being the fanatic frenzy that the 6 supporter sections are currently. We want all to embrace this vision because you all help make it happen. Welcome your neighbor, teach them songs, recruit them into our ranks, show them how to get involved, comfort them after a loss, drink with them after a victory. It’s up to you to grow this supporter culture we have in Seattle. We are at the beginning of something special.

The giant leaps we make will come as a result of one or two small steps from thousands of individuals. Do you usually get to five matches a year? Try to make it six. Can you usually give it all for 75 minutes before you wear out? Push it to 80. Did you introduce two people to ECS last year? Make it three. Come out for an extra tifo session if you want. You get the idea. There’s not a single one of you that needs to do anything exceptional or extraordinary, and the cumulative effect will still be massive. Say hi to a new person. Make a new friend. If you see somebody who isn’t participating or having a good time, try to take a moment to find out why. Encourage them. Help them. We’re supporters, and there’s no reason we can’t support each other as well as our club. If you berate or shame them into singing for a match, you might make that match a little louder; if you connect with them and help them learn the joy of what we do, you’ll make an entire season louder. This one and even more seasons to come. In the words of Bill S. Preston, Esq: “Be excellent to each other”. We look forward to standing with each and every one of you as we help propel our club to a triumphant 2014 campaign and beyond.

There are lots of thanks to go around, so I’d ask that you take a moment to say thanks to somebody who doesn’t always get the credit & recognition they deserve. Hug a webmonkey. High five a pin peep. And yeah, tifo, travel, events, and propaganda also deserve all the props they get and then some. Thanks to them and thanks to each one of you, this will be our best year yet. Bigger. Louder. More color. We’re stepping our commitment to passion & excellence up to another level. 

Up the Sounders! Up the ECS!

Greg Mockos and Aaron Reed
ECS Co-Presidents