For Immediate Release

October 7, 2014

Cascadia Supporters Groups and Major League Soccer Reach Agreement on

Cascadia Cup Trademark

Portland, OR., Vancouver, B.C., Seattle, WA. —  Ahead of Friday’s Cascadia Cup match between the Sounders and the Whitecaps, the Emerald City Supporters, Timbers Army, and Vancouver Southsiders are pleased to announce we have reached an agreement with Major League Soccer in regards to the Cascadia Cup Trademark and its use around all MLS matches concerning the three Cascadian teams. The agreement was reached after a productive negotiation between the league and the Cascadia Cup Council (CCC) representatives, and the three supporter groups are pleased with the end result of the agreement.

The Cascadia Cup Council is encouraged by the fact that Major League Soccer recognizes the importance of the supporter-owned Cascadia Cup for the growth of soccer in the Cascadia Region. This agreement ensures that the Cascadia Cup will remain a supporter-owned cup.


About the Cascadia Cup Council:  The Cascadia Cup Council is a recognized non-profit entrusted with the management of the Cascadia Cup.  The Council is made up of one representative from each of the three founding Cascadia Cup supporters groups.  For the 2014 season those individuals were Jeremy Wright - Timbers Army, Greg Mockos - Emerald City Supporters, Brett Bird -Vancouver Southsiders.