By ECS Leadership

With the announcement today of the Sounders new team to play in USL Pro, the Emerald City Supporters is pleased to announce our support of the team goes beyond matchday. In a first among US supporter groups and a rare opportunity for supporter groups worldwide, we are proud to have made a significant financial investment to the Sounders Community Trust, a non-profit organization which owns a 20% equity share of the team. 

Owning part of the team presents us with the ability to influence the club, and we have ensured our voice will be heard with an agreement to hold a seat on the Trust’s Board of Trustees. One of the primary focuses of the ECS involvement with the trust will be the design of a new building behind the goal which will include a seating area that will become the home of the ECS at Starfire.

Additionally, the ECS is proud to offer 2014 ECS members the opportunity to purchase a limited number of memberships in the Sounders Community Trust for $125. Every individual who purchases a trust membership through ECS will receive the same full benefits package offered directly from the trust.  For more information about the Sounders Community Trust, visit their website:

Finally, the ECS is committed to supporting the USL Pro team on matchday as well. Shawn Wheeler will be leading the ECS in this project, and is in the process of building a team to lead the various elements of our matchday support, from tifo to capos. They’ll be wearing our crest and fighting for us, and we’ll be there to sing for them.



For more information about the ECS relationship with the SCT, please read here!