By Shawn Wheeler

The ECS is proud of its financial investment and relationship the Sounders Community Trust (SCT) which has an ownership stake in the Sounders 2nd team. The ECS will benefit from this relationship in many ways:

  • One guaranteed seat on the SCT's Board of Trustees (comprised of 5-7 individuals) to guide the trust for a term of 3 years. After that term ends (and each year when a board seat is available), ECS members will be encouraged to vote for an ECS-endorsed candidate to represent the group’s interest and investment in the Board of Trustees. We hope that with the combined voting power of our group, we can hold a number of the seats on the Board at all times.
  • The Board of Trustees will vote on the SCT’s representative on the S2 Executive Board, a group of 5 people which will oversee the operations of S2. This person, representing the SCT’s 20% ownership in the club, will have a full voice and equal voting rights in the S2 Executive Board.
  • One of the primary focuses ECS will have in the Board of Trustees is to provide input to the design of the new building and supporters section behind the west goal, the new home of ECS at Starfire starting in 2016.
  • It is important to note that all SCT membership costs go directly to the capital improvement project at Starfire, and that the trust has no liability for operating costs of the club. This was an essential negotiating point that the SCT and ECS both insisted on when discussing this investment and ownership with the club.

The ECS sold a limited number of SCT Founders Club memberships, which sold out in under 2 hours, a great demonstration of the passion and excitement about this opportunity that is found across the ECS membership. Moving forward, we want to encourage ECS members to purchase SCT Founders Club membership as this will extend ECS' voice within the running of the trust and the club, helping us to ensure that ECS' interests are at the forefront of the club’s future. SCT Founders Club memberships are still available, visit their website for more information and purchase here.

The ECS is also committed to supporting during their matches at Starfire. SCT members will have the option to purchase tickets for a discounted rate of $95, either reserved seats or general admission. Non-SCT members will have the option to purchase tickets soon, with MLS season ticket holders receiving a discounted rate as well. The ECS section will always be GA, located in the East end of the covered grandstand in 2015 (where we normally stand for USOC matches) and in the new section behind the west goal starting in 2016. Our goal is to bring the same passion and energy in our support of S2 as we bring to MLS and USOC games, giving the players who aspire to be professionals the experience of being supported like they are. We’ve already reached agreement with the club that we will have full tifo privileges, including flags, banners, megaphones, and capo stands. We’re currently building an operations team that will include tifo crews, capos and merchandise/membership sales. This is an excellent opportunity for people to get involved in the ECS and to help our group grow and to support our club. When the players of S2 take the pitch they’ll be wearing our crest, they’ll be fighting for us and we will be there to sing for them.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will there be beer in the stands?

A: The club is working with Starfire to ensure that beer can be sold in the stands, not just at the beer garden.


Q: What about smoke and flares?

A: We’ve told the club that this is something we want to be able to do, and they’re willing to work with us on a way to do it safely. We will work together with the club to convince the fire marshall. No guarantees, but we’re going to do our best!


Q: What do you have in mind for the section design?

A: I’ve been thinking about this a lot, as it’s one of the coolest things involved in this venture in my opinion. My preliminary thoughts are safe terracing, an integrated capo stand, and permanent signage identifying the section as ECS. None of this is guaranteed, but the club wants this to be a section that we’re extremely happy with and has been very open to our preliminary inputs.


Q: How can I help the ECS support of S2?

A: There are lots of ways to help out, and buying an SCT membership is at the forefront of our attention right now. This will extend the ECS voice within the running of the trust and the club, helping us to ensure that ECS interests are at the forefront of the club’s future. We also want people attending S2 matches, so buying season tickets when they become available and coming to matches to raise your flag and lend us your voice is a great way to show your support. Lastly, we need people who can be dedicated to helping lead things on matchday, from capos to tifo crews to merchandise salespeople we will have a full volunteer team staffed up for every match. It’s a great opportunity for you to support S2 and help the ECS, while also getting more involved with the group and meeting new people. If you’re interested, check the appropriate box on our volunteer form and we’ll contact you soon!


Q: I missed the ECS sale, how can I buy into the Founders Club of the SCT?

A: Club memberships are available through the SCT, visit their website for more information and purchase here.


Q: I can’t afford the trust membership, am I a bad supporter?

A: NO. The ECS made a significant financial investment in the SCT on behalf of ALL of our members. Whether you are a trust member or not, the ECS will be acting within the trust to represent you. We would love your support on matchdays, during tifo projects and at many other opportunities throughout the year.


Do you have more questions? Bring them up in the comments below and we'll address them there or add them to the FAQ.