By Derek Pells, Game Day Ops Lead

We sing for you, You fight for us. These words may have never been more true then they were in the 2014 Sounders campaign. It is a mantra. An attitude. A belief that what we, The Emerald City Supporters, do is quantifiable in the effort shown by the players of the club we all cherish so dearly. It is a promise we have made to the players on the pitch. However, it is easy to forget how much work goes into each and every match day. It's easy in a group as large as ours to feel small or insignificant. It's easy to feel unappreciated. Perhaps you are in subgroup in the far reaches of a land called "the east coast," or maybe you belong to a group that selflessly sacrificed their only home match for the greater good of supporter culture and the ECS. Perhaps you live outside of the city your club calls home and weekend matches are the only chance you get to show your passion. The members of Leadership as a whole strive to show appreciation to the countless hours put in by the ECS members as much as we can, whether it be through a beer, an acknowledgment of your time, or simply a thank you. Unfortunately we only get to so many people over the course of a season and many fall through the cracks. Its important for YOU to know that YOU make ECS run. Whatever time or energy you put in is what ECS is made from. 

So to you, those who painted, wrote, helped with our website or social media, created and shipped merch, made tifo crew happen, helped get 6,000 tickets sold to away matches, kept our supporters secure, drummed their hearts out, kept our books, participated in sub groups near and far, played for ECS FC or Pub League, drove across the country, took amazing photos, served us at our partner bars, waved a flag, were a designated driver, contributed to tifo fund, and anyone we might have missed, we, the ECS Leadership, salute you.

You ALL make this group run, exist, and grow. Everything that is done for this club is done so in your name, and no matter how small your contribution may be, it is grand in the size of its meaning. We look forward to once again standing shoulder to shoulder with you week in and week out as our boys in the green and blue try to not only equal the great season we just had but better it by winning the elusive treble.

See you in the terraces, ECS.