For 2015, our membership kits contained two scarves - one woven and one lightweight - as a response to feedback from our members. Each scarf has a unique origin and concept, and the below details how they were created.

The 2015 ECS membership Woven Scarf
The woven scarf has two sides with different color pallettes: one for the past or “old side” and one for the present and future or the “new side.” The “old side” reflects the colors of the USL Sounders and the original ECS colors. These colors are brighter and are associated with the early days of the group. The center logo is a stylized version of the USL Sounders logo adapted to the Emerald City Supporters name. 


This logo was not used by the ECS in the USL days, but is a modern creation by the group to pay its respects to its history. The two logos on each end are the original ECS logos. These logos have 4 stars that represent the 4 titles won by the pre-MLS era Sounders. For a quick guide, refer to this infographic produced by ECS member LikkitP.

The logo includes the group's original and long standing motto of “No Equal” - implying that there is no group equal to us. It also includes the original soccer ball element from the old Sounders logo above and the “S” shape representing Seattle.

The reverse side of the woven scarf is the “new side” representing the current ECS logos on each ends and providing reference to the year of establishment in 2005. This side is emblazoned with the current rave green and sounder blue colors that the club has worn since 2009. The bars allude to the original “Decades of Dominance” tifo display that awed the world and drew attention not only to the ECS, but also to the supporter scene in North America. The resulting scarf is a classic-look bar scarf with a clear design that will allow our members to either choose the new or the old side depending on the match being played and their historical importance.

The 2015 Lightweight Scarf

The lightweight scarf, unlike the woven scarf, is printed and thus includes a higher amount of detail. Unlike the woven scarf, this scarf is not divided into two portions, but is wrapped entirely into one theme: “Decade of Dominance.” The scarf has a silky appearance to both eye and touch. It is black, with small ECS crest logos ghosted onto the background at a regular pattern in dark gray. The "front" of the scarf states clearly that, when raised above your head, you are an Emerald City Supporter. The ends of the front include two ECS logos with “10 Years” below each in fine print.

The "back" of the scarf has a centrally located ECS logo and a list of each year of the “Decade of Dominance.” The ends have “ECS” and “EBFG" adorning them. EBFG stands for “Eternal Blue, Forever Green,” which is an ECS created motto now commonplace in the Sounder nation. The green and blue horizontal lines on the top and bottom of the scarf are meant to symbolize continuity; continuity in vision and ethos for the group. We will always be Sounders first, ECS second.

We hope that when you join our ranks in 2015 or renew your membership that you will wear these scarves proudly as they are not just the “new ECS” scarf. These scarves are ode to our history, and to our first decade. We hope to see you at our 20 year anniversary wearing these scarves. Up the Sounders, up the ECS!