ECS members! As you know by now, we took the 2015 ECS Membership one step further than in previous years by offering a 3 ft x 3ft personal flag. Each member randomly gets one of four designs, and you may exchange these with others as you please. This article is geared toward optimizing your use of the flag, particularly at an MLS stadium - home or away. We know MLS loves complex, archaic, and nonsensical rules when it comes to supporters, so to avoid confusion, we have put together this “How To: Personal Flags” piece that makes sure your flags are good to go on gameday. The goal here is to get as much color in the section on game days, and we want our members to bring them to every game. Sure, they look good on the wall at home, but we would prefer if you brought that color to the terrace. See below for the simple steps on how to use the personal flag:

  1. The flag. When you receive the flag in your kit, you will notice it is a 3 ft x 3 ft 100% polyester flag. It is a one sided print flag with a small 2 inch pocket on one side. At the end of the pocket there are two ties attached to the pocket. YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE A POLE AND A POLE CAP, but let us know if you did because that would be magical if it fit in your membership kit mailer.

  2. The pole. Due to shipping issues and costs, we cannot provide you with a pole in the membership package, but we're happy to share two options: either pick one up at the stadium (ECS has plenty and they are located near the camera well in large cans at the end of the aisles between 121/122 and 122/123. Ask any capo for directions. The OTHER, AND PREFERRED OPTION is for you to bring your own pole. The ideal pole can be bought at Home Depot (or your home improvement store of choice). You will need a ½” white PVC plastic pole, cut to 3FT-6inches in length You will also want to buy a ½” PVC cap. NOTE: MLS STADIUMS REQUIRE THE POLES TO BE LESS THAN 3.5 FT IN LENGTH. POLES AND FLAGS ARE NOT LIMITED TO THE GA. YOU CAN BRING ANY FLAG AND POLE INTO ANY SECTION AS LONG AS THE FLAG IS LESS THAN 3X5 AND THE POLE IS LESS THAN 3.5 FT LONG, BUT FLAGS CANNOT BE WAVED DURING RUN OF PLAY OUTSIDE OF THE GA SECTIONS.

  3. The combined pole and flag. Glue the cap to the pole and slide the flag over the pole.

  4. Waving your flag. These flags are intended to be waved in tight 8-figure rotations with one hand. They are not two hand flags (they are too small for that!). When holding the flag pole, ensure the two fabric ties that are attached to the flag are firmly in your grip around the pole. No Velcro, glue, or tape is needed to keep the flag from flying off the pole.

We hope that this small and simple explanation will help you facilitate bringing in the poles along with your flags in the ECS Section (and beyond)! If you have any questions or want to help with ECS Tifo, please email us at tifo (at) The full set of stadium policies from the Sounders can be found here