SSFC at Philadelphia Union
September 16th, 7:30 PM EDT
PPL Park, Chester, PA


ECS Tickets for this match are available in the store now! Be sure to make your tailgate selection as well.

GAMETIME (Important Information)
Emerald City Supporters is a supporters group. That's important to remember. Our reason for being at the match is to spur our boys on toward victory; everything else is secondary.

• Our section is always treated as General Admission, we do not enforce seat assignments. Tifo, capos, the drum, and security will be in the front few rows. Everyone is invited to stand where they feel most comfortable.

• Participation is encouraged. We'll have song cards so you can sing, chant, and go mental. Don't worry if you don't know all the words, just follow along the best you can and your support will be felt!

• There may be times where you can't see as well as you might like due to flags and tifo. We like to wave flags. Even during the run of play sometimes. We feel like it's an important part of showing the boys our support, and they are going to need every ounce of strength. If a flag is in your way, and you don't like it - please feel free to change seats. That's part of why we do GA, so you're not stuck in an uncomfortable spot.

• Do not engage in any way with home fans. Security will keep them at bay; there's no need to engage in any wordplay, taunting, threats, etc. If you have an issue, notify ECS security or stadium staff.

• We understand that for many this may be a vacation in which you meet up with friends and family in the area, and that's great! They are more than welcome to stand with us, as long as they do not display the colors and gear of the home team. Our section is the away section, and stadium security may mistake your friend or family member for an instigator, and no one wants that.


Everyone is on their own for booking flights; however the ECS has a partnership with Alaska Airlines for EasyBiz. Make sure you have an Alaska Air Frequent Flyer account, and then send your full name via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to associate you with the ECS EasyBiz account.


There is no official ECS Hotel for this trip. Check out the away forum thread and other itineraries below to stay with fellow supporters!

Need wheels? You probably don't for this trip, unless you intend to make a pilgrimage out to Bethlehem to see the pitch that was once home to the most successful team in USOC history.  If so, then ECS and Hertz have you covered. Use this link for the ECS discount: HERTZ DISCOUNT


We will be tailgating in the PPL parking lot, buy your meat-a-saurus or veggie-a-saurus tickets now!

The MLS established procedure for those holding away supporter tickets is to remain in our section for up to 30 minutes while the home fans are cleared from the concourses. We remain until stadium security gives us the instruction to leave, and then we all leave together. If you choose not to stay with the group, you assume the risks of your own security.


Most of us like to know who else has booked this trip, and what their plans are. This can allow you to contact folks via pm to coordinate ride shares, go in on hotel rooms or rentals together, or arrange that surprise party. Consider including your travel plans on the form below, and see what others are planning. Remember, this information is on the internet, so consider using your board name.

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