By ECS Leadership

You’ve seen them, they’ve blocked your view, you’ve heard people complain about them. The BFFs (AKA big fucking flags) are an integral part of ECS support. BFFs are a very impactful element of color and add a fluid dynamic to the Brougham End. BFFs first made their appearance in the ECS section back in 2008 season of the United Soccer Leagues (USL) season. The first one was made of cotton, a mistake as it weighed a ton and did not wave well. The next batch of flags was three silk flags that you can still see waived in the Brougham End today. Sewn by hand, these flags in 2008 added a great visual impact to a group that typically relied on smaller personal flags and two poles.

As supporters with more creative minds and artistic abilities joined the group over the years, the flags appearing in the Brougham End became more elaborate and varied in shape and colors using the typical 4-color scheme typical of the ECS (sounder green, sounder blue, black, and white). The ECS’ goal is to fill the entire Brougham End with these big fucking flags, but not only big flags, the ECS wants flags of all shapes and sizes, creating a green, blue, white, and black wave of color at Royal Brougham Park.

The reason we wave flags, of any shape or size, is to add impetus to our songs and chants. The flags add a visual dimension to the audible impact of what the ECS does so that not only do the players hear us, but they also see us supporting them for a full 90 minutes. We do so because we feel we owe it to the players to support to the fullest in every dimension of support.

The ECS will continue to expand the use of the flags of all sizes in all sections in the Brougham End. We want everyone to help create flags, buy flags, and bring flags to the Brougham End to wave them and show your never-dying support for our boys! UP THE SOUNDERS! UP THE ECS! UP THE BFFS!