By Shawn Wheeler

There are few things a supporter does that are more exhilarating than marching into enemy territory and making it your own home for an evening.  Outnumbered by the home supporters, your only option is to let loose of your vocal cords, raise your two pole and make sure that our players can hear you.  You’ve traveled hundreds or thousands of miles to be there, and there’s nothing on your mind other than getting in, supporting The Boys, taking three points and getting out. 

One of my favorite things about every away match is when the team comes over to thank the traveling support.  In this moment, it feels like we’re part of the team.  We’ve gone to battle together, outnumbered and far from home, and the bond that is formed between player and supporter is strengthened regardless of the result.  They know that wherever they go, we’ll be there to support them.

There’s another side of away trips though, something that many ECS members have cited as being key to their involvement in the group.  The camaraderie that is developed through a weekend trip makes people feel comfortable in the ECS.  Whether swimming off the beaches of Los Angeles, strolling through the Capital Mall in DC, or looking desperately for something to do to pass the time in Texas, every moment of an away trip is an opportunity to make new friends or strengthen old friendships. 

Every away trip is different, some require busses, some cars and some are only achievable via airplane.  Some are week long vacations, some are long weekends and others are “smash and grab”.  Sometimes you’re in paradise like Trinidad and Tobago, other trips you’re battling dehydration in Houston.  But the common link and the most important thing about every trip is the match, standing side by side with your fellow supporters and marching into battle for our club.  That is why we travel.

If you’re interested in joining the ECS for an away trip, check out our travel page and our travel forums.