By Sean McConnell

In the formative years of the Emerald City Supporters it was determined that we would use a Continental European Style in regards to how the terrace was led on match day. Previous to this, songs were started organically, but there were usually only a handful of people that would actually start the songs. Granted, this was at a time when supporters numbered in the tens, not the thousands.

As we immersed ourselves into the Supporter Cultures of Europe, South America, Asia, Africa, etc… we concluded that using a Main Capo to start and lead the section on match day would be the best way to get the most out of our group. The groups that were led with a Main Capo were powerful, direct, and created a more focused atmosphere. This is the type of atmosphere we wanted to create for the Sounders.

This change posed a few challenges, as the stadiums we were using, Qwest Field and Starfire, along with the lack of resources meant that at times we would have three or four Main Capos leading the group.

We did not have Capo Stands, so the sightlines to the Capo were not always the best. We would compensate for this by placing multiple Capos along the front row. You will still see us using this method for larger road matches and matches at Starfire.

As we grew, people either stepped up to the role of Capo, or they were identified by other Capos. By 2008 we had a very solid group of Capos and as the ECS grew we knew we would have to adjust.

In 2009 when we moved into section 122 we only had one front Capo that was positioned about four rows into the Supporters Section. The Main Stand was a simple step stool and we used a megaphone to lead the section. This was the way the section was run for that entire season. During that season, other members would start to step up to lead the group from group. This is when the “Topo” was born into the ECS.

Fast forward to today. We have the strongest group of Capos in the entire league. I have no doubt about that. At home or on the road, they keep the section focused and singing.   These men and women bleed Green and Blue, and I could not be more proud of them all.

With time, we’ve evolved: a P.A. system was added to help the Main Capo be heard over the amazing fans that fill RBP week in and week out, we have a Main Stand that can be seen from anywhere in the Supporter Section and last year we added additional front stands to help coordinate the outside sections.

I hope that this gave you a little insight into why we chose to go with the style of having a Main Capo and how we got from 2004 to where we are today. 


By Timm Blakely

Why do I Capo? I had a discussion about this with a friend the other day and it’s a pretty simple answer: I don’t know any other way to support! Even if I was the only one in the stadium I’d be standing and supporting. My love for this city, its people, and SSFC is so intense that on match day I can’t help but share it and encourage the rest of the people in the stadium to support with me. I know that Seattle is the best city in the world and that SSFC is the best team in the world as a matter of faith. By helping organize our collective passion into one solid voice we are able to show the world those truths.


By Chip Quinn

One voice in a crowd adds to the noise. A crowd with one voice sends a message.

Being heard. Spreading our message. Strengthening thousands of voices into one. All for the glory of our Seattle Sounders. What the ECS does isn’t complicated. Why we do it is answered in one word – Sounders. When looking at the ECS and asking why we are as successful as a group we can count among our assets unity. To us as a collective group the idea of unity is more than a mere catchphrase as often parroted by others. It’s placed into action. It takes tremendous unity - unity of purpose, of passion, of vision - to accomplish what we do each and every game.

How we chose to unify and enhance the passion from each individual supporter into a collective voice on gameday was through use of capos. A fulcrum in the crowd of thousands from which the sense of the whole is collected and shared, allowing the power of the individual to become the force of the whole. Capos aid in unifying the organic passion and directing it with purpose. Allowing us to maintain the strength for 90 minutes and longer, urging ourselves and the team to never quit.

Our strength is in our unity. Capos are a means through which we exercise that tremendous strength on gameday. How we’re organized provides for flexibility, cohesion, discipline and, overall, impact. The use of capos empowers the group with abilities that add to what we do and what we accomplish.