By Shawn Wheeler

What does it mean to love?  We sing about it in a lot of our songs, but what’s it actually mean?  Do the words ring hollow, manipulated by modern society?  Or do they have a meaning, something deep and powerful?  Walk with me on a journey through the word and you’ll see why we never stop loving our Sounders. 


By Dylan Vanderhoof

We've already written articles about some of our various forms of tifo; About the flags we wave to show our support during the match, about the chants we sing to lift up our players and fire up the crowd.  However, when most people talk of tifo what they're actually talking about is "choreos", large choreographed displays covering one or more full sections of the stadium.  These can be large painted overhead displays and hoisted curtains taking thousands of man hours to build, card displays in abstract patterns or letter mosaics, table rolls, streamers, and a variety of other elements, often blended in the same display.

By Brandon Lynch, ECS FC Director

ECS FC started in 2008, featuring our founders Sean McConnell as a winger and Eric Gilbertson as our goalkeeper, with current presidents Keith Hodo playing centerback and Greg Mockos playing in the midfield.  In its first season, that team finished in GSSL’s lowest division with one point and a -46 goal differential.  The growth of the club since that time has been amazing, this current season we have a team in all 5 of GSSL’s Sunday Men’s divisions.  We also have a team in GSSL’s Over-40 men’s league, RATS women’s division 1, RATS men’s division 2, 3 teams in Arena Sports Indoor, 1 team in Starfire Indoor and 1 team in Starfire Outdoor.  With numerous championships and individual records accumulated across those leagues, ECS FC is a powerhouse of amateur soccer in Seattle.  In addition to all of that, we run our own ECS Pub League for supporters who want to play and get a better understanding of the game they love. 

That’s all great, but the question is: Why? 

By Greg Mockos

It’s a simple, straightforward question and the answer can be simple: “because we love our Sounders!” Great answer, but I want to dig even deeper and provide more context than the typical blinded-by-love answer above that you see incessantly on the forums or on blog comment threads.

By ECS Leadership

You’ve seen them, they’ve blocked your view, you’ve heard people complain about them. The BFFs (AKA big fucking flags) are an integral part of ECS support. BFFs are a very impactful element of color and add a fluid dynamic to the Brougham End. BFFs first made their appearance in the ECS section back in 2008 season of the United Soccer Leagues (USL) season. The first one was made of cotton, a mistake as it weighed a ton and did not wave well. The next batch of flags was three silk flags that you can still see waived in the Brougham End today. Sewn by hand, these flags in 2008 added a great visual impact to a group that typically relied on smaller personal flags and two poles.