This song card is brought to you by the Emerald City Supporters, so you can join with us after the national anthem and the Champions League banner reveal in singing “Born in 1974” (To the tune of "When Johnny Comes Marching Home")

Born in Nineteen-Seventy-Four, Sounders! Sounders!

And now we win like never before, Sounders! Sounders!

We love our boys in famous green, the greatest team you've ever seen

Seattle Sounders, Born in Seventy-Four!

Emerald City Supporters (ECS) is an independent supporter group of Seattle Sounders FC. It is our mission to provide the best support in Major League Soccer, doing so by uniting supporters in their love of the Sounders. On matchdays, you can find many of us in the Brougham End, pushing our boys onto victory through coordinated songs, flags, and large tifo displays.

Wherever you are in the stadium, here are a few ways you can get involved and help us in our mission:

  • Join us in other songs!
  • Become a 2022 ECS Member! Membership comes with perks like exclusive merch, access to home and away match tickets, and discounts from our partners.
  • Sign up to volunteer in one of our work groups, where you can join the team that makes ECS’ support happen.
  • Donate to help fund our operations!
  • Follow us on twitter, Instagram, or facebook!

Since this is a match against Portland and we’ve got your attention, here’s a reminder of some of the huge displays we’ve done in this rivalry over the years! All of these are designed, produced, deployed, and funded by ECS members!

2011: Decades of Dominance

2012: Tonight We Go All In

2013: Build a Bonfire

2017: The Rightful King

2019: Ambition Doesn’t Grow on Trees