Regardless of results, the play on the field, the weather or car shows, we give our all FOR SEATTLE, FOR SOUNDERS, FOREVER. We’re Sounders Til We Die. We are Emerald City Supporters.

This display includes a 10’ x 100’ text banner and about 2400 cards spread across 3 sections. Each seat in the GA section had 2 cards, the biggest card switch we’ve done AND WE SWITCHED IT TWICE! We’re excited to continue to do new and bigger displays like this, and we need YOU to help! Please join us at our upcoming sessions, you can sign up HERE to get emails of when that will be!

Photo Credit: Joe Towner / PNWMF

For the 10th anniversary of our club entering MLS, we choreographed a display that calls for everyone to raise their cups to celebrate, then we raised Big F’ing Two Poles (BF2Ps) with each of the Sounders cups (and a shield) from this era. It has been a great 10 years, and as we head into the playoffs we hope to see more added to this collection of silverware!

This display consists of a curtain 25’ tall and 150’ wide, 9 BF2Ps that are 10’x10’ and about 2500 small flags. ECS volunteers produced this display in about a week of sewing, drawing and painting. The tifo production team needs more volunteers to keep doing displays like this, and going bigger and better! Please join us at one of our upcoming sessions, you can signup HERE to get emails of when that will be!

Photo Credit: Jill Peck

The Emerald City Supporters style of support is influenced by cultures around the world. For this weekend’s match against the Rapids, in the middle of Hispanic Heritage Month we worked with La Barra Fuerza Verde to bring forward more of the Central and South American elements of our support. From the massive confetti launch at kickoff to the tirantes running through (above!) the section to songs like Para Ganar, our focus was paying homage to these influences.

Azul eterno, verde por siempre, soy Sounder hasta la muerte!

Photo credit: Max Aquino

Clint's legacy with the Sounders will never be forgotten. From the days of Dempsey Watch to the amazing connection with Oba. Winning the double in 2014 with the US Open Cup and Supporters Shield, the goals, the assists, the amount of shit he tried. The heartbreak of his broken heart, the triumph of the MLS Cup Championship. His handshakes and coaching of the club's youth.

To honor his retirement our tifo features Clint's face on 75 foot diameter circle. He is surrounded by laurels, like the Texas state seal. The star at the bottom represents the 2016 MLS Cup that Clint won with the Sounders. And you counted the laurel leaves, right? Over 6000 cards filled the Brougham End to surround Clint in a field of blue and green.

We had just 76 hours from the time of the retirement announcement (Wednesday 9am) to kickoff (Saturday 1pm), and we were all out to get this project designed and produced. Production took about 8 hours, with over 50 volunteers coming out to participate.

As always, tifo projects like this aren’t possible without the help of our volunteers and we’d love you to get involved. For more information and email updates, check the tifo production box on our volunteer form and follow ECSTifo on twitter.

Photo credit: Max Aquino

UPDATE: If you're here because coach Schmetzer just told you it was a great example, CLICK HERE to sign up now to help with the next display and let the boys know you care!

There is no way around it, the first half of this season has been dark. We were dismissed from Champions League. We were bounced out of the US Open Cup by a minor league team. We spent much of the time looking up at the Western Conference from the bottom of the table. We lost to Portland twice, including at home. We’ve watched injuries and red cards tear apart the lineup. The team has struggled for goals, and points, and our position on the table is bleak.

But now the boys are returning home, with 5 points from a 3 match road trip. Gustav and Roman are back with the team after representing their nations at the world cup. Nico and Victor are healthy and starting to click. We’ve signed one of the best goal scorers in Liga MX.

We support a powerful club, a powerful team, a powerful group of individuals. Their power is turning what has been dark times in Seattle and dawn is upon us.

This 5000 square foot curtain was produced in just a few days by our ECS tifo production team. We always need more volunteers to help make projects like this happen, find out how you can get involved here!

Photo credit: Max Aquino