I just realized I will be turning 30 shortly. And of those 30 years, I have spent the last 4-5 years supporting, socializing, and making friendships within our ranks and I have loved every bit of it. What I also realized was that, albeit young, the Sounders are in year 4 of MLS presence and that the ECS has a bit of its own history in the MLS era that newer members may not be aware of. So, I want to take you on a bit of a historical journey of where the ECS was in 2008 (yes officially the season started in 2009, but a lot was going on in 2008) and how far it has come until now. I will be dividing the historical journey into installments based on years. The first one, for 2008, is included below with the 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012 and beyond stories to follow in the following newsletters.

ECS Co-President Greg Mockos is writing a history of the ECS in the MLS era. June's Newsletter allowed you to catch up on what we were doing back in 2008. This month, he recaps the historic inaugural 2009 MLS season. What a year.


The inaugural season for Sounders FC was jam-packed with incredible moments, historic firsts for our club, and for our supporters group as well. The Sounders kicked off their expansion season with a record setting slew of results. That 3-0 drubbing at Qwest Field was an emotional night. ECS deployed its first large scale tifo display. I recall watching replays of the NYRB defenders cupping their hands around their ears so that they could hear the bench. It was loud; it was a first for MLS. Garber was nearly in tears: "This is what I always dreamt MLS to be like."

2009 was great year, but the sudden growth that we saw put a massive strain on all those who helped run the group. We had not anticipated the Sounders and ECS to be as successful as it has been ever since. We nailed it in 2009, but we still were not very organized. Several individuals did multiple tasks, did not delegate, and we found ourselves constantly overlapping roles to cover as our "real lives" got in the way. The offseason before 2010 we acknowledged this fact and set forth the correct it. We had to manage our tasks better and had to seek out help. We also had learned several lessons from 2009 about the GA section and how to better manage it.