It feels good, doesn't it? Players and supporters alike have spent the last 2 months relishing the joys of victory, but this week the Sounders returned to the training field. And, as is tradition, we joined them there to set the tone for the season. Sports teams worldwide suffer from championship hangovers, starting slow in the season after winning their league, so our message was simple: STAY HUNGRY.
Off the field, ECS is getting to work too. Check out the new calendar for ongoing tifo and merch work events, we need every ECS member to STAY HUNGRY and help push our support to new levels and propel the team to greatness again in 2020.

In this display, as ever, Stefan Frei leads his team into the final battle of the season. His teammates are rallying to his flag, supporting him, working together to advance the crest we love. And did they ever, as 90 minutes later they lifted the MLS Cup in the middle of Royal Brougham Park, bringing glory to the club and to our city. The stadium is filled with cards in every seat, spelling "SEATTLE SOUNDERS" on the east and west sides of the lower bowl.

With just 12 days after beating LAFC to earn the MLS Cup berth, and 11 days from Toronto beating Atlanta to make it a home match, we knew what we had to do and that it would take a monstrous effort. We knew there would be 68,000+ Sounders fans filling our stadium, our home, our cathedral. We knew our job, as supporters on our biggest stage, was to lift our boys to victory and raise the crowd excitement to new levels. So we set about it. By the time we left the bar Wednesday night, we had our concept. By Friday we had our design. By Monday the curtain was sewn, drawn, and ready to paint. By Wednesday night, 120+ volunteers had painted the 5000 square foot curtain. By Thursday night, those volunteers had cut 68,000 cards, over 20 miles of card roll. On Saturday, 150 volunteers set a card in every seat in the stadium in under 2 hours. On Sunday at 12:05pm, 68,000+ Sounders fans joined together and brought it to life.

Every bit of it paid for by supporters. Made by supporters. Set-up by supporters. Not by corporate sponsors. Not by the club. Not by the league. That's what tifo is, an expression of love from supporters to their team, a final encouragement before they kickoff. It's a huge part of what we do, and we want you to get involved! Get your membership and sign up to help! Buy merch or donate to help raise funds to pay for these displays.

Photo credits: Martin Buckley, DarleneLA5Gouji, Max Aquino

For a record 11 consecutive years, the Sounders have represented us in the MLS Cup Playoffs. Throughout all these hard fought campaigns, our players have worn the symbol of our city on their chests with pride and honor. We begin every match by singing them a song of hopes and fears, laughter and beers. However, no matter the result, our club has filled our city with dreams that have truly lasted the years.

This display utilized 6000+ cards to fill out the entire Brougham End and two text banners on the concourse. It depicts the Space Needle with an emanating light around it as an enduring symbol of our city and our club.

We should start by thanking the people who allowed us to build a life in this land and we should call them by name: the Duwamish and Coast Salish People. The original inhabitants and stewards of this land. It is because of them why we are here today, them and all ancestors across all lands.

We the Emerald City Supporters and la Barra Fuerza Verde stand for equity, inclusion, and respect for all. We stand against fascism, racism, sexism, and homophobia. We stand for creating a space where spirited supporters build bridges between communities. Creating a space where we respect, stand next to each other, and support our team to the next victory. We sing for our boys, raise our scarves, and wave our flags proudly. We support all groups and communities that join us in supporting our home, our city, our team.

The choreo display is an image of Tlaloc, Aztec god of rain, giver of life and substance. We show our appreciation for the greenery that the pacific northwest provides, and the waters that give us life; Like the Duwamish and the Columbia. For this match we ask our god Tlaloc to make it rain, but rain goals. Many goals. Muchos Goles!

Porque- para ganar los Sounders, se necesita meter muchos goles!

We invite you to support the organizations that support our communities. The communities that stand with us until the next victory. If you need guidance, ask within Barra or ECS.

On September 15th, the Emerald City Supporters flew the Iron Front flag and raised two poles in the Brougham End (again) as part of our fight for inclusion in our section, stadium, and city, welcoming all people that love this sport. Unfortunately, due to the league’s recently introduced, inconsistently enforced, and vague ban on “political” displays, the stadium chose to eject our head capo and director of game day operations.

As a supporter group, our greatest strength is in combining our voices and energy in solidarity to lift our boys to victory. When the stadium opts to reject that message of inclusion by ejecting a capo who is leading the call for equality, we have no choice (difficult as it very much was) but to cease our support for the rest of the match. We put away our flags, and drums and our capos led us out of the section. Together.

This was a difficult choice. The Emerald City Supporters exist solely to support the Sounders. But as a diverse group that supports a diverse club, it has become increasingly important for us to fight for our marginalized players on the field and supporters in the stands against the racist, fascist and oppressive uprising in our city, in our state, in our country, in our stadiums, in our league, and in our sport.

We are proud to stand as allies with many supporter groups around the league in this fight, and believe that together we will create the change we desire. We’ve told the league what we want and will emphasize this again in a meeting with league officials later this week in Las Vegas. 

Join us in the Brougham End to support our boys as they push towards the postseason. We met with the Sounders Front Office today and there will be no punishment to the group or individuals based on Sunday’s actions. We look forward to supporting our boys as they fight for us to claim 3 crucial points. 

Finally, an important message to our members.  We understand that you feel passionately about this issue and putting pressure on the league to change the code of conduct.  However, we must remind everyone that denigrating people who disagree with our tactics is counterproductive. We ask that you keep your attention on the actual fascists and white supremacist groups that are growing in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Be excellent to each other and Sounder Together.

Up The Sounders! Up the ECS!