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Emerald City Supporters is committed to uniting supporters of the Seattle Sounders and creating an environment that is accessible and inclusive to all Sounders fans to support passionately and freely. ECS is unapologetically anti-fascist and anti-racist. We support the Black Lives Matter movement and efforts to break the systems of racism that plague society.

You asked: What is ECS doing? How can I help?

We feel it is important to elevate the voices of the people who are leading this movement rather than create our own voice. We believe as allies it is important to listen actively, to learn continuously, to act intentionally, and to donate responsibly. This page includes resources to encourage engagement and education to create the changes we desire.













Being anti-racist and anti-fascist is a lifelong journey, it is not a destination. ECS is committed to dismantling systemic racism and is scrutinizing what we currently do and what we can do better to ensure that ECS is a community that embodies this completely. We will not shy away from the conversations that need to be had and invite you to join us in making the world a place that values every human being equally.

We invite all ECS members to join the conversation HERE to discuss these resources and additional recommendations. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to reach out with feedback, advice, or criticism.

Acknowledgment: Resources have been curated through recommendations from Black Lives Matter activists and recommendations from our ECS members.

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On April 17, 2020, Major League Soccer announced that it was “exploring a wide variety of formats” for the 2020 season given the current postponement due to the global pandemic. In addition to schedule and format changes, there have been reports that MLS will adjust player salaries for this season in order to reduce expenses during the postponement. ECS leadership has learned that MLS has aggressively engaged the MLS Players Association to make large salary cuts with the possibility of further action, but there is no agreement at this time. As we have in the past, the ECS stands with the players and calls on the league to continue making salary payments until a point where the MLSPA mutually opts into an alternate agreement.

Additionally, MLS said it aims for a “scenario where all matches are played with fans.” Soccer leagues across the globe have begun to discuss how they might go about starting (or re-starting) their seasons, with some potentially using “pumped in” recorded crowd noise, cardboard cutouts that resemble fans in stands, and other mechanisms. We, the Emerald City Supporters, believe that football without fans is nothing and call for the continued suspension of the MLS season until matches can be played in a manner that is safe for players, team personnel, and fans.

We look forward to supporting the Sounders on a matchday soon.

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Keep Writing History

This display was inspired by Royal Brougham, legendary Seattle sportswriter and the namesake of the Brougham End. The Brougham Beat documents the 2019 MLS Cup run from the opening round thriller against Dallas in which Jordan Morris scored the extra time winner, the challenge by Xavier Arreaga that set the tone as the Sounders knocked out LAFC, and the celebration as the team lifted the MLS cup in front of 69,274. 

While this display is a celebration of 2019’s championship, it’s also a reminder that both on the field and in the stands, we have a lot more to accomplish. Join the Emerald City Supporters this year as a member, as a volunteer, as a voice in the Brougham End and on the road as we look to write more history!


It feels good, doesn't it? Players and supporters alike have spent the last 2 months relishing the joys of victory, but this week the Sounders returned to the training field. And, as is tradition, we joined them there to set the tone for the season. Sports teams worldwide suffer from championship hangovers, starting slow in the season after winning their league, so our message was simple: STAY HUNGRY.
Off the field, ECS is getting to work too. Check out the new calendar for ongoing tifo and merch work events, we need every ECS member to STAY HUNGRY and help push our support to new levels and propel the team to greatness again in 2020.

In this display, as ever, Stefan Frei leads his team into the final battle of the season. His teammates are rallying to his flag, supporting him, working together to advance the crest we love. And did they ever, as 90 minutes later they lifted the MLS Cup in the middle of Royal Brougham Park, bringing glory to the club and to our city. The stadium is filled with cards in every seat, spelling "SEATTLE SOUNDERS" on the east and west sides of the lower bowl.

With just 12 days after beating LAFC to earn the MLS Cup berth, and 11 days from Toronto beating Atlanta to make it a home match, we knew what we had to do and that it would take a monstrous effort. We knew there would be 68,000+ Sounders fans filling our stadium, our home, our cathedral. We knew our job, as supporters on our biggest stage, was to lift our boys to victory and raise the crowd excitement to new levels. So we set about it. By the time we left the bar Wednesday night, we had our concept. By Friday we had our design. By Monday the curtain was sewn, drawn, and ready to paint. By Wednesday night, 120+ volunteers had painted the 5000 square foot curtain. By Thursday night, those volunteers had cut 68,000 cards, over 20 miles of card roll. On Saturday, 150 volunteers set a card in every seat in the stadium in under 2 hours. On Sunday at 12:05pm, 68,000+ Sounders fans joined together and brought it to life.

Every bit of it paid for by supporters. Made by supporters. Set-up by supporters. Not by corporate sponsors. Not by the club. Not by the league. That's what tifo is, an expression of love from supporters to their team, a final encouragement before they kickoff. It's a huge part of what we do, and we want you to get involved! Get your membership and sign up to help! Buy merch or donate to help raise funds to pay for these displays.

Photo credits: Martin Buckley, DarleneLA5Gouji, Max Aquino