Tonight's display  has a simple message, "We're Back." While simple, there are multiple ways to interpret what that means. It's the start of the 2016 campaign, a chance to renew the chase for the elusive MLS Cup. After the disappointing finish to yet another promising year in 2015, many supporters of the Rave Green were dejected, lost, and hurting. The first match of a new season has a certain magic to it. It has the ability to heal those wounds, a chance for new beginnings. 

We're back also lets our boys know that, we have not given up, and we have not abandoned them. We a're right where they could always find us on match day, in the Brougham End, doing our part to ensure victory.

Regardless of your interpretation,  the message is the same. We haven't gone anywhere, we're still contenders, and we're still the mighty Rave Green. We're Baaaaaack!

Display facts:

-This display has three elements. A curtain, a card display, and the iconic little girl from the Poltergeist movie poster.
-The curtain stretches 100 feet wide and from top to bottom, reaches 60 feet long. It took roughly 20 people about 6 hours to sew the 30 bolts of fabric together and took 5 days to draw and paint. 

-We've gotten very good at cutting the cards we use in our card displays. It took a little under two hours for a team of 6 people to cut the 2,500 cards used in this display, to create the room and light from the television

-The little girl that was raised in the front of the section to complete the piece, is a touch under 35 feet tall. The intricate details of this element are worth noting. From the hair on her head, to the fuzzy sleepers on her feet, and even her shadow, we tried painting techniques we hadn't used before on a choreo display.

-We had close to 70 individuals come out and help paint throughout production, many of whom, had never helped paint a display before. Special thanks to the players of our ECS FC teams who came out as a group to help us finish off the painting for this display.

The concept for tonight's choreo came from our very own Barra Fuerza Verde (BFV). You may recognize the design, as it has flown it as a BFF in Section 121 for the past few seasons. The play on the popular saying "si, se puede" replaces "Sí" (or yes) with "Sea" for "Seattle," sending the message to our Spanish-speaking players, as well as the rest of the team, that Seattle is behind them, even against a juggernaut such as Club América. The vertical stripes on either side of the overhead are done all over Latin American terraces, and help pull the whole piece together in a way that should be familiar to opponents and traveling support alike.

A couple of quick notes:

  • The overhead in section 122 is 35' x 35' and took a team of roughly a dozen hard-working ECS members about 20 hours to sew, paint and ready for deployment
  • The overhead design was done by BFV members Randy Nuñez and Karl Reed. If you see them, buy them a drink and say thanks!

Champions League is a big deal, a very big deal. Historically, the Mexican sides have dominated play against MLS sides. No MLS club has ever won Champions League to date. In fact, only two MLS sides have ever eliminated a Mexican side in the CCL knockout rounds: Our Sounders in 2013 vs. Tigres UANL, and the Montreal Impact in 2015 vs Pachuca. 

Can we do it again? Can we knock off Club América and move on to the semifinals of Champions League?


In the 55th minute of the Sounders match versus San Jose, we had a choreo display protesting the ticket prices for the Sounders match at San Jose in August. The display depicts the 49ers CEO Jed York, MLS commissioner Don Garber and Earthquakes owner Lew Wolff together in a bed identified as the “Bank of Fan Loyalty”. The trio is surrounded by bags of money and loose coins while getting cozy under the blankets. In case there was any confusion, a long text banner stated “ALL WE ARE IS MONEY TO THEM”. This is the 2nd protest tifo we have done with regards to the trend of increased ticket prices. With several more matches at inflated prices coming up over the next few months, you can be sure that the ECS will continue to stand up for ourselves and soccer fans across the country. For more information about our protest read the Soccer For All article we wrote after being sanctioned for our protest banners during the first Portland away of 2014. Please use #SoccerForAll on twitter to further discuss the issue and see the opinions of other fans and supporters.

Tifo is derived from the Italian word tifosi, which describes a group of fans, or when used in the form “tifo” more commonly describes fan support through the use of flags, two-pole banners, smoke/pyro/flares, other visuals such as card displays, and large choreographed displays. 

Getting involved with ECS tifo

Tifo Production: This team does the sewing, drawing and painting of our large choreographed displays. You can signup to get emails about upcoming production sessions on the volunteer form!

Tifo Deployment: This group pulls the ropes and lifts the poles on the big displays that you see. Check the tifo forum to sign-up to help with tifo deployment! 

Matchday Tifo Crew: Matchday tifo crews do all the setup and teardown of the gear in the Brougham End. If you're interested in joining a matchday crew, visit the tifo forum and sign-up!

Making your own tifo

A popular form of tifo you can make yourself is a two-pole. See our two-pole tutorial for a step by step guide. Personal tifo in the form of flags, two poles, or rail banners brings another dimension to our support and is encouraged. There is a great sense of pride when you put the time and energy into creating something on your own! We host two pole parties throughout the year, come out and join us!


2009 playoff match vs Houston - Flag display