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Unread postby cdaddino » Fri Nov 6, 2015 12:36:06 pm

I know this is an extremely long shot and I’m aware of that, but I figured there is no harm in trying. Two summers ago when I was living with my boyfriend, his house got broken into and they stole a ton of our stuff. Out of everything that was taken - think expensive electronics, money, passports and stuff... - the only thing he really, really cared about losing was his 2010 Third Kit Sounders Jersey - the Electric Yellow Xbox 360 one. (Keep in mind this was a gift from his ex and I had recently bought him a Seahawks Jersey AND a UW Football jersey and he wasn’t at all phased to lose those… so thanks Ex-Girlfriend, you really make gift giving hard to live up to…)

So basically ever since then, without much luck, I’ve been checking craigslist and ebay religiously trying to get him his jersey back. I know there is currently one on ebay (for the first time in a year) but since it’s set up as an auction, I worry about my success in being able to secure it for him. He is one of those guys who is impossible to buy gifts for because he doesn’t ask for much, if anything, and I would LOVE to replace it for him because I know it is the one thing in his life that he really does want.

I know the jerseys are hard to find and there is high demand for them, so I know it’s a shot in the dark, and I hate begging people like this, but if anyone has one (size L or XL) that they would consider selling, I would love to hear from you. The price I would pay to get my hands on this jersey is extremely negotiable. It really would mean so much to both of us.

Thanks, Claire.

Here is a photo of the one I'm talking about: http://landonhowell.com/wp-content/uplo ... ld-kit.jpg.
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