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Unread postby Dannicus » Wed Mar 30, 2016 11:35:25 am

I was searching the internet for some things on a personal project. I ran across this article, I remember reading it when it came out. This, is what ECS is about. THIS is what we do. THIS is what we exist for. Remember that on Saturday.

Full Article here (Its about the Sounders/Timbers rivalry, FYI): http://www.sbnation.com/longform/2014/3/26/5546406/seattle-sounders-portland-timbers-rivalry-mls-soccer-profile

"There's still 14 minutes left!" the athletic, crew cut fanatic screams into the microphone, his voice cracking, hoarse from 76 minutes of yelling. "Come on — we knew we were gonna win in the 94th minute!"

Most of the people listening probably agreed — nearly every time Seattle has played Kansas City at home, they've won in the final flashes of the game. It was 0-0. Derek Pells, about to be a prophet, held the microphone so close to his mouth he could taste it, and sent his song through the PA system propped up in front of the supporters: "No one likes us! NO ONE LIKES US! No one likes us — we don't care!"

They routinely lead the league in average attendance, even outperforming almost every team in baseball. If soccer-loving aliens arrived in the United States and asked Major League Soccer where they could play for the best fans, the league would probably point them to Seattle. That doesn't mean they're necessarily the most intense or the best organized; it means they routinely lead the league in average attendance, even outperforming almost every team in baseball, America's national pastime. Yet along with that record comes a reputation for snobbishness, especially among yuppies in a hub for tech startups.

As this game's main capo — the Italian word for leader — Pells doesn't watch the soccer match on the field. His back is to the pitch; the whole time he's focused on conducting his orchestra, pointing at sides to stand or sit, rain droplets rocketing off his hands as he pumps them in the air, pulling his legions forward and pushing them back as if he's bowing to a Japanese emperor, slowing them down, clapping his hands. The maestro, his black V-neck matted to his wet skin, has a plan.

In the 94th minute, the last minute of the game, Pells was leading a chant: "Take 'em all, take 'em all, put 'em up against a wall and shoot 'em ..." when the ball bounced 30 yards behind him, off the head of a star player, then off the crossbar to Kansas City's goal, and finally off the foot of a Sounder who fulfilled Derek's prophecy. Derek saw the goal on the faces of the men and women he was directing, their eyebrows raising in hope and their mouths stretching open wide ...

What happened then might be unique to that moment, or it might happen at every soccer game. Time was forgotten and sound was incoherently everywhere. The co-president of ECS, Aaron Reed, who was standing to my right, exploded and barreled into me. He was really trying to hug his friend Jesse next to me, and the result was a manwich in which I was the unsuspecting meat. Puddles splashed everywhere under the already-soaked shoes of anxious and desperate supporters. All around us the rain that had been a waterfall all day finally no longer mattered.

The final whistle blew just afterward. Pells let the chants play themselves out; he barely needed to do anything. But then he stopped everyone and pointed over his left shoulder, and high up, to the far corner of the stadium, where 650 Kansas City fans were sitting in isolation.


And then Pells conjured a lightning bolt of pure sound shot to the corner of the stadium: "We did it again! We did it again! We did it again! We did it again! We did it again! We did it again! We did it again!"

The Kansas City supporters held their scarves above their heads, unmoving. Below them and to the right, Seattle's official marching band, the Sound Wave, had finished playing in the rain, and ducked into the cover of the concourse.

Then the Sounders — the players — walked in front of the ECS, behind Pells. For the first time all day, he turned around, and looked at the dampened turf on the field. The players and the supporters became one, all raising their hands and chanting "Hey! Hey! Hey!"

When Pells turned back around the only thing anyone could see this time was his grin.
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Unread postby FIGHTNWIN! » Thu Mar 31, 2016 1:49:17 pm

Win or lose, always give 150% to the very end.
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