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Unread postby lareau4 » Wed Jun 29, 2016 2:26:29 pm

I'm a soccer fan. Everything about it. I'm 43, still play, coach both my daughter's teams, was a season ticket holder for the old Dallas Burn during the first two years of the league. I'm the past president of the Memphis Gooners (Arsenal Supporter's Club). Have traveled to watch the Arsenal, the US Men's and Women's teams. I'm an American Outlaw, etc., etc. That's why this story is so embarrassing and requires this apology.

My wife's cousin got married last Saturday. My wife and I live in Memphis, TN. Our daughters were flower girls. The weather was beautiful. Perfect day. But what made the day epic - was my wife allowing me to attend the first half of the game as long as I arrived at the wedding on time. Wedding at 4 pm. Kick off at 2 pm. Promised her I'd be in the aisle at 3:45. Sober. No problem.

On my way to the Link I met a supporter, Nile. Super guy. Took me to some place off Ranier Ave with a Six in the name and we had a drink. I was pumped. Seattle fans were turning out to be super hospitable. I was warmly greeted by many supporters on the Link, and upon entering the stadium I tasted my first Raindog. Delicious.

As I took my seat in GA2 about ten rows up, several folks politely asked me why I was in a suit and tie on this hot, sunny Seattle day. I explained that I was from Memphis and that my body wouldn't even begin to sweat until the thermometer hit about 85. I also told the supporters that I could only watch the first half, how excited I was to be watching a game with the MLS's most legendary supporters club, etc. About three minutes later, a scarf was thrown to me from a few rows above and I was informed that I could use it for the duration of the match. Everyone was as friendly as could be (it's always good form to purchase the natives a few of their local brews when you are the uninvited guest). I was getting a quick education on the team, and various opinions as to why the season was not going as hoped. Several other supporters agreed with me that it would be nice to see Lampard score an own-goal, breaking his leg in the process.

Kick off moments away. I got my phone out and asked the gentlemen behind me if it was kosher to snap a few pics and take a few videos. In hindsight, I can now see that his slight hesitation bf answering me was his mind doing some quick supporter etiquette calculus, "This guy from Memphis seems like a legitimate soccer fan and quite decent. He bought me this beer. He hasn't been overly pushy. He likes to sing the songs, even if he's faking everything but the chorus. I should let him take a few videos. He's clearly not going to be sober when he gets to this wedding. His wife's gonna be pissed. He deserves a memento." So I can understand why he replied to me, "Sure, that's cool."

As I learned about ten minutes later - not cool.

I'll admit, I took a bunch of pictures with my phone and took about 30 seconds of video during two songs. I had about ten guys on my team at home texting and begging for more material. I needed to get off my phone and get back into the moment. Well, the song leader in my section (she was directly behind the goal) helped me do just that.

As the second song was ending, she called out, "Did you get it!? Did you get the clip you wanted?!" Or something to that effect.

I'm a lawyer, a prosecutor in the D.A.'s Office. My job is full of tension, and confrontation, and at times highly stressful. I have lived and died in front of 12 people for eleven years. I have a thick skin. I generally have a well-developed self confidence.

Not anymore. Not on that day. Not at that moment.

There are things we care about and things we don't care about. Sometimes we offend people and couldn't care less (we should, but often don't). And then there are times that we make such a huge social blunder, we commit an error that is so cataclysmicly embarrassing that we want to crawl under a rock and just die. There were no rocks in GA2 ten rows up.

Everyone looked at me. The guy in a suit on this beautiful day. What is he doing here, videotaping us? There were about four seconds of silence. It seemed an eternity. To have transgressed the unwritten but somehow knowable laws of a culture that you admire is a terrible feeling. I put my phone in my suit pocket.

So, Emerald City Supporters, and lady song leader behind the goal - I am sorry. I am truly repentant. As a token of my sincerity I have just donated $10 to the ECS General Fund through your webstore. To be among you for those few minutes on that beautiful day, and then be called out as not one of you - a tourist in a suit - it was too much to bear. I almost left.

Then I saw the beer guy walking up to me. I ordered another Raindog. As I lifted it up, the guy behind me said, "Don't worry about it Memphis, you're cool."

Pirlo walked around. NYCFC had much of the possession. Lampard grabbed the ball and threw it in the goal (he's still the cheating bastard he was at Chelsea). Someone bought me another Raindog. The half ended. I was on time for the wedding. Ten minutes early. Sober. Mostly.
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Unread postby RatCity » Wed Jun 29, 2016 3:15:26 pm

Ha! Great write up man. No Worries.
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Unread postby FuzzyForeigner » Wed Jun 29, 2016 3:37:58 pm

wow. nice writeup. we have a interesting culture/group here!
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Unread postby Mr_K » Thu Jun 30, 2016 7:54:32 pm

Well written. Thanks for sharing.
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Unread postby lisa » Fri Jul 1, 2016 3:48:38 pm

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