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Response to Iron Front Ban

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Unread postby bgcameron » Sun Jul 28, 2019 10:34:17 am

Sent the following to the Front Office in response to the ban on Iron Front arrows as prohibited “political” expression. Everyone needs to RESIST this action with their own voice!


Shame on you for casting three arrows as a “political” symbol akin to a swastika. Anti-fascism is a principle, not a political organization. Other organizations’ attempts to co-opt a symbol of anti-fascism doesn’t change this.

Do you plan to throw out fans who have three arrows on t-shirts? Tattoos? What about Cascadia flags? How far will you go to silence the free expression of your most loyal fans?

In the meantime, perhaps you could clarify exactly which expressions of anti-fascism, if any, you will tolerate.

Brian Cameron
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