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Welcome Your 2014 Spring Season ECSPL Referees

Unread postby blurrygil » Wed Apr 23, 2014 3:22:59 pm

Here is your 2014 ECSPL Spring Season ECSPL officiating crew. We have some newbies/first-timers here, so please make them feel welcome and don't make their jobs too difficult!


Gil Ruta (ECSPL Senior Referee & Head Record Keeper; 4th season)
Gil has been a certified USSF official for the better part of 14 years, working as an assistant and center referee throughout various youth, recreational, scholastic and amateur football competitions and leagues.

Having been involved with the ECSPL since the league’s first season in March of 2012, Gil is responsible for overseeing the union of volunteer referees, their training, assignments, scheduling and much more. In addition, he handles all of the ECSPL statistical information, match scheduling, results, social media and the league’s End of Season Awards.

Brent Stocking (ECSPL Full-Time Referee; 3rd season)
Originally from Ohio, Brent has been a long time ECS member, as well as an off and on ECS FC-level player. He’s also one of the ECS’ original “tifo artists”; known famously for his “pen on a stick” drawing techniques for the group’s early tifo displays in 2009.

He now enters his 3rd season as an ECSPL referee, with no prior experience coming in. His willingness to learn, volunteer his time, and consistently hone his skills as a referee is exemplary. This makes him a valuable asset to the ECSPL officiating crew.

Jason Allen (ECSPL Full-Time Referee; 1st season)
Coming to us from the nation’s capital, Washington DC, Jason is brand new to officiating, brand new to the ECSPL, and well...brand new to the ECS in general.
However, he is no stranger to soccer. As a long-time fan of DC-area pro teams, including DC United, he brings a great passion to beginner-level soccer; currently playing in co-rec and other local leagues. After learning the game for the past couple of years, he’s now ready to tackle officiating. Please make him feel welcome to the league and the ECS.

Paul Cox (ECSPL Part-Time Referee; 1st season)
A long-time dedicated Sounders supporter, former ECS leader, and former ECSPL player, Paul has now recently gotten married and become a father. His enthusiasm and expert levels of disseminating and sharing information makes him such a talented and special individual.
With knowing that, it is no surprise that Paul has also recently become a certified Grade-8 USSF referee. With that, he’s looking to try to test what he’s learned and make a return to the ECSPL.

Justin Adair (ECSPL Part-Time Referee; 2nd season)

Justin, one of the eldest members of the ECS and ECS FC, returns to the league for a 2nd season as a referee. Not only is he excited to be back as part of the officiating crew, but he is also excited about him and his wife having their first child very soon.

Jason Mitchell (ECSPL Part-Time Referee; 2nd season)

Jason is a long-time ECS member and one of the original ECSPL players from back in 2012. Spending most of his time in goal as a keeper on a team, he hopes to be able to do more of that this season. However, since he will only available as a substitute player from time to time, he will be helping out the ECSPL referees as a part-time official.
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Unread postby Nasty » Sat Apr 26, 2014 7:26:53 am

Fuck these guys
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Unread postby SPQR » Sat Apr 26, 2014 8:38:56 pm

As a former referee myself, I know how tough the job can be and I truly appreciate the work you all are putting in. Thank you, refs!
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