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Unread postby grant094 » Sun Dec 2, 2018 6:05:03 pm

Hi everyone. After being in Seattle for a little over a year and following the Sounders, I decided to join the most kick-ass fan section I've ever seen. I've loved going to Sounders games, especially on the Brougham side, and can't wait for the end-of-year party or the 2019 season!
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Unread postby shieldk2 » Sun Dec 2, 2018 7:22:09 pm

Welcome! Happy to have you join us! End of Season Party is going to be great, I look forward to seeing you there.
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Unread postby Ultra666 » Mon Dec 3, 2018 5:31:23 am

Welcome to the forums!
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Unread postby eastside » Mon Dec 3, 2018 12:12:08 pm

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Unread postby gna479 » Tue Dec 4, 2018 6:30:51 pm

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Unread postby SeattleCalcio » Tue Dec 4, 2018 8:40:22 pm

Welcome! ECS is powered by our volunteers and I hope you bring your passion out to help with a project and meet people soon! For more information, signup here: https://www.weareecs.com/join/help-needed
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Unread postby Spinfyre » Thu Dec 6, 2018 4:15:27 pm

Welcome see you in the stands next season!
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