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What Place Does HS soccer have in developing players?

Talk about US Leagues and the US National team here.

Unread postby zackgotchatongue » Thu Mar 3, 2011 3:46:53 pm

Goal.com looks at the place high school soccer holds in developing players.

http://www.goal.com/en-us/news/1913/cou ... er-have-in

This is a good read with good points coming from both sides of the argument. Personally I believe high school doesn't have a place at all when it comes to developing players. My biggest worry has always been if a player gets injured playing more then he should. What do others think?
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Unread postby Skarpian » Thu Mar 3, 2011 3:54:44 pm

Yep pretty much what they stated. It's good for finding the players that can't afford to play for the big clubs or just didn't know about them. The coaching standards aren't high enough and there is too much importance put on results. Club ball was always more important. I even had a few coaches write notes to my high school coach excluding me from certain drills and such cause HS try out are the same time as state play offs and finals.

The one benifit it has is conditioning and touches. You are playing 5 days a week for highschool, plus 2 days practice for your club and one game for your club. You get way more touches during highschool season. They might not be trained the best, but the touches for players that are already playing high level club ball are good. A lot of times the players playing at the club level are just that much high that it lets you train in an eviroment that you can be creative and afford mistakes. It's the first time in a lot of guys careers that they are training 6 days aweek and that is what the next levels require.
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