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Unread postby cambodiansounder » Thu Jan 28, 2016 11:36:27 pm

Anybody know why the pre-sale tickets for the ECS section are grayed out and not available? Am I missing something?
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Unread postby RatCity » Fri Jan 29, 2016 12:30:25 am

Nothing to do with us. Supporter section to be sold later maybe?
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Unread postby wfavinger » Fri Jan 29, 2016 10:52:20 am

I think AO has priority on those even though the US obviously don't play in every match. Because US Soccer/CONCACAF always make great decisions when it comes to ticketing. Sarcasm. That was sarcasm.
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Unread postby Dan McCooey » Tue Feb 2, 2016 1:05:27 am

Those seats are being held for the American Outlaws, until after the Pre-sale is over. You will be able to buy them, for the group stage only after the Venue passes and presale ends, probably after the draw, on Feb 21st. They will go pretty fast for the 2 group stage matches here. So if you want those singles you best be quick on the draw, after the draw :D The other unconfirmed possibility is the National SGs of Argentina and the other 3 teams might get priority access to those seats for those 2 matches. But that is only conjecture at this time.

The Brougham end seats (Sections 121,122, 123) are being held for the Quarter Final match, for AO members only, until after the last group stage US match in Philly on June 11th. After that match, those seats will sell in less than an hour, on June 11th. If the USA wins our group, AO members will get a personal presale code. If USA doesn't win group, then they will sell to General public, probably around the same time, and be gone to scalpers in a matter of minutes.

If you are an Outlaw member current, you will also be able to buy USA match singles in the AO sections in SFO, CHI, PHI group games starting at 11am PST on Tuesday 2/2. Those tickets we have learned will cost 75$ + Ticket bastard fees. (Copa rules, not US Soccer nor AO rules).

Side note: that is a bit less than World cup lower bowl, and a little less than or comparable to Euro tickets, that I have personally purchased in the past. But, like always these Elite tournaments (by definition) tend to price out the regular club supporters. Your local AO chapters have voiced displeasure publicly on behalf of the STH's who we hear had to pay 80$+ fees for the least expensive lower bowl seat, via the 3 match Event Passes. Despite this, a Venue pass at C-Link is not a money losing proposition. The street value of those lower bowl tickets on match day will in many instances be double the presale. Just a life fact. People have to decide the "value" to themselves, personally. We in Tacoma and Seattle AO, think the prices are out of line and we will keep voicing the opinions of our membership.

If you do want to have your best chance at USA QFM tickets here in Seattle, the best advice is re-new or become a new AO member before the group stage ends on June 11th. And if you can't afford to/don't want to, then by all means join our tailgate and post match celebrations over at Fuel, another Jumbo sized block party, very much like USA v Portugal group stage WC 2014 was.

If you aren't USA, I'm sure Fuel will be an awesome viewing spot for All of the Copa matches.

What is exciting and unprecedented is, for the first time we are aware of, our National SG will be getting knockout stage allocations for both QFM and Semi's, in one of the 3 top tournaments in the world. Only the USA SG is receiving this for the knockout rounds, not ARG, not MEX, not BRA. That says a little bit about the growth of Supporters culture here... and of course why it's Good to be the Host :mrgreen: But, progress in baby steps is still progress.

The only way to get tickets for the Final match is to buy (a) Venue Pass in (a) city, and enter a lottery to get tickets. So, that won't include me, and it will look very much like a WC final match on your TV.
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Unread postby Sam787 » Wed Mar 23, 2016 4:36:50 am

I think you have to wait a little bit.
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