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Unread postby SPQR » Thu Jun 4, 2015 8:27:19 pm

ECS FC is proud to announce that the 2015 Supporters’ Cup series between ECS FC and Timbers Army FC will take place on Saturday, August 29th. In honor of the “Decade of Dominance” and the 10th anniversary of the formation of the Emerald City Supporters, the matches will be held in Starfire Stadium, the home of Seattle Sounders in the US Open Cup as well as the Seattle Sounders 2.

The three matches will include Men’s I, Men’s II, and Women’s teams, with the Men’s II match kicking off at 2:00 PM, the Women’s match at 4:00 PM, and the Men’s I trophy match at 6:00 PM to wrap up the day. James Woollard and Hugo Garcia, the in-stadium voices of the Sounders and Sounders 2, will serve as PA and game announcers for the matches.

Preceding the Supporters’ Cup matches, La Barra Fuerza Verde will host its fourth annual La Copita youth tournament from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM on Starfire Sports Complex Field #2. Founded in 2012, La Copita is an invitational for local youth teams that focuses on building community, supporting our youth and celebrating the sport that brings us together. Supporters of ECS FC and their families are invited to arrive early for the Copita festivities.

For those wishing to play for the Men’s I and II ECS FC teams in this year’s series, three training and tryout sessions will be held in the three weeks leading up to the matches. Players for each squad will be selected on the based on experience with ECS FC, week-to-week attendance in the past year’s ECS FC matches, attendance at the tryout sessions, playing performance, and team need. The session times, dates, and locations are uploaded in ECS FC Manager for RSVP and are as follows:

August 9th at Genesee Upper between 10:00 AM-12:00 PM
August 16th at Delridge Playfield between 10:00 AM-12:00 PM
August 23rd at Delridge Playfield between 10:00 AM -12:00 PM

The Women’s ECS FC squad will be comprised of full-time and part-time players on the roster of the ECS FC Roosevelt team, and will be selected based on roster status and week-to-week attendance for the 2015 Spring and Summer seasons.

For further information and news regarding the lead-in to the 2015 Supporters’ Cup, please visit ECSFC.com, twitter.com/ECS_FC, or facebook.com/ECSFC.

For highlights of the 2014 matches in Portland, check out the special edition of LEVYfilms “In the 18” featuring the Supporters’ Cup: .


Since 2010, the recreational amateur sporting clubs of the Emerald City Supporters (ECS) and the Timbers Army have faced off in annual games coinciding with a Sounders vs Timbers match on the same weekend. What began as a single match between the two groups in March of 2010 has grown into an annual event, rotating between host cities. The series expanded in 2012 to include men’s second team matches and again in 2014 to include a women’s match. Over 150 ECS members and Sounders fans attended the 2014 series in Portland, continuing a strong upward trend of increased attendance and participation.

ECS FC has dominated Timbers Army FC since 2010, going 5-2-1 in the entire series. In 2014, ECS FC continued the winning streak in dramatic fashion by winning two of three matches in penalty kicks and retaining the trophy. The results were triumphantly displayed at CenturyLink Field before the MLS match the next day to the delight of ECS members and Sounders fans.

Although the teams are composed solely of recreational soccer players, both supporters groups view these matches with utmost importance as they are playing not only for the pride of their home cities but also for the honor of their fellow supporters. Underlining the importance of this series, the winner of the men’s first team match will hoist the Champions’ Trophy introduced in 2013.

For the 2014 edition, a special episode of “In the 18” was produced by LEVYfilms, well-known for the “American Football” documentary featuring the Seattle Sounders. This short film featured action and highlights of the Supporters’ Cup, and can be seen here:


La Copita is a youth invitational tournament hosted by La Barra Fuerza Verde which was founded on the principles of community-building, supporting our youth and youth teams, and celebrating the sport of soccer.

In 2012, La Barra Fuerza Verde hosted the inaugural La Copita youth tournament at the Golazo headquarters, then-located in Capitol Hill. The tournament had over 100 attendees and featured Fredy Montero as a special guest of the event.

In 2013, La Copita moved outdoors and was hosted at the Rainier Vista Boys and Girls Club. With seven team entries, there were approximately 100 youth participants and 200 attendees for the event.

The 2014 edition of La Copita was again hosted at Rainier Vista Boys and Girls Club, and hosted seven teams. Gonzalo Pineda of the Sounders was a special guest of the day and took the time to speak to the teams about his experiences as a professional and the importance of education. The tournament was documented by videographer and Barra member Jesus Velasquez, and the highlights of the day can be found here:
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Unread postby FuzzyForeigner » Fri Jun 5, 2015 8:21:40 am


want a guarantee to be in these games? manage a club. That's what I am doing! ;)
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Unread postby tepid » Fri Jun 5, 2015 8:52:07 am

Looking forward to it.
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Unread postby SPQR » Fri Jun 5, 2015 10:02:49 am

Unable to make it out to Starfire Stadium for the ECS FC vs TA FC Supporters' Cup series on Saturday, August 29th? Don't fret - you'll be able to follow all of the action of the Men's I trophy match via Sonarfeed live stream!

ECS FC is incredibly excited to announce that Erin Riley, Lee Rayl, Hugo Garcia, and the Sonarfeed crew will be live-streaming the final match of the day, set to kick off at 6 PM. Expect play-by-play, commentary, player announcements, and maybe even an interview!

Sonarfeed's broadcast will be the first time that an ECS FC vs TA FC Supporters' Cup match will be live-streamed, allowing those who are out of town to not just hear about the game highlights but to watch it and experience it themselves.

This represents the second time that ECS FC has been fortunate enough to have Sonarfeed live-stream an event. On Saturday, May 30th 2015, Sonarfeed broadcasted the ECS FC Pub League final from the Rainier Vista Boys & Girls Club.

Check out www.ustream.com/channels/sonarfeed for all the action on Saturday, August 29th!
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Unread postby J9Starr » Sat Aug 29, 2015 11:19:41 pm

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Unread postby SPQR » Sat Aug 29, 2015 11:45:48 pm

Men's II wins 3-2
Women fall 2-0
Men's I draws 1-1, wins on penalties

We retain the cup!!

Full recaps will be posted in the coming days
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