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Standards for ECS FC teams and creating new teams

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Unread postby SPQR » Tue Feb 16, 2016 9:15:55 am

The following are codified standards for all ECS FC teams. Additionally, any prospective teams must adhere to these standards to be considered for a new team within ECS FC.

These were ratified by vote of ECS FC Management on February 16th, 2016.

The requirements for all teams in ECS FC shall be:

- Use of an "ECS FC" name
- Utilizing ECS FC uniforms
- Use of ECS FC Manager
- Manager who is an ECS member
- Manager who regularly attends ECS FC Management meetings
- Minimum 1/3 of players must be current or former ECS members
- Financial self-sufficiency
- Approval from ECS FC Director

1) Use of ECS FC name

Above all, all team names MUST include "ECS FC" as part of the official name registered with the league.

The current suggested naming convention is as follows, but teams are not limited to this. All names must be approved by the Director.

Since the Sounder/ECS-centric color palette has been largely exhausted, our naming convention is generally to use recognizable Seattle street names, streets that would be recognized by someone who lives and works here. Such significance as:
- ECS significance (i.e. location of a home pub: Roosevelt, Washington)
- Sounders significance (i.e. location of CenturyLink Field: King Street)
- Seattle history (i.e. Yesler Way)
- Locational significance to that particular team (i.e. ECS FC Sand Point - plays at Arena Sports Magnuson)

In general, names of previous teams that folded should be retired unless that team returns in a very similar iteration.

2) Utilizing ECS FC uniforms

Teams must be fully outfitted in ECS FC uniforms for all games. (Exception: indoor teams who are only given one color set of spares obviously will have to wear the alternate color at times and will not always match)

Managers must require players to wear the matching uniform. If a player does not own a jersey, they MUST utilize a team spare (exception: oversize) as a club requirement. Team spare sets have been planned so as to outfit the all players for every game going forward.

Players who have been playing with the club for at least 2 seasons are asked to purchase their own ECS FC jersey set if they are an outdoor player.

Players are asked to NOT wear their ECS FC kits in any non-ECS FC matches out of respect for our club.

Managers are required to take responsibility for the club-owned uniform set, and see to it that they are collected after each match, washed, and taken care of. Manager may appoint a team member to oversee this.

For any new teams, the club will attempt to outfit them in a spares set, but we must recognize that these sets will run out as the club expands. Therefore, ALL players of any prospective new team will be required to purchase new uniforms as a requirement of entering the club UNLESS the club finds it feasible to outfit the players in an available spares set (this is not guaranteed). Additionally, players of any prospective new teams must collect funds to furnish a team spare set of at least 3 uniforms to cover subs as needed.

3) Use of ECS FC Manager

Team Managers must keep their schedule up-to-date by having it posted in ECS FC Manager by ECS FC Registrar Theresa Daniel as soon as it is available. We use these schedules for week-to-week tracking of our teams' results.

Team Managers must have team rosters up-to-date in ECS FC Manager, including all active and regular players or reserves. Manager serves as our club database, which we have written into our Articles of Incorporation as being necessary to keep. Additionally, we often communicate with the entire club via email, and these email addresses need to be up to date.

Team managers are asked to track their RSVPs through ECS FC Manager, but we do recognize that other methods (i.e. Facebook group) sometimes works better for some teams. Thus, it is recommended – but not mandatory – to track all RSVPs in Manager at this time.

4) Manager who is a current ECS Member

We believe that managers who are ECS members better understand that our club aims at a greater goal of supporting the ECS, as well as the supporter mentality. Managers are encouraged to gently guide their non-ECS players to join us for matches, away viewings, and other events – keeping in mind that ECS FC is a valuable recruitment tool for ECS. Managers are encouraged to invite groups of their players to gather for Sounders matches, whether that be at a bar beforehand or in the terraces themselves, as that will also build long-term team chemistry.

5) Manager who regularly attends ECS FC Management meetings

It is very important for us to get together in person and discuss business. We only meet bi-monthly, 6 times a year, and it is important for us to make the effort to get to these meetings.

These meetings are to be considered mandatory for managers. If any prospective group seeks to expand ECS FC, the potential manager must commit to attending these meetings or the new team will not be considered.

We understand that not every time, day, and location works for EVERY manager. However, we work to find a day that does not conflict with any ECS FC games, Sounders games, or ECS events. In the future, we will work to move these meetings around to various locations to make it easier for people to attend that live in various parts of the area.

Those who are not present at the meetings will forfeit their vote for any in-person decisions made.

6) Minimum 1/3 of players must be current or former ECS members

While we recognize that while ECS FC is an excellent recruiting tool for bringing in new members, each team needs a strong base that grounds the group in ECS and supporter culture. After all, a team can’t recruit unless there is an existing base that can DO the recruiting!

We recognize that not everyone is up-to-date on their membership each year, so we allow for the flexibility of considering former members as part of this tally.

While we recognize that ECS FC is a valuable recruiting tool, we also recognize that the FC is something that we run to serve the ECS. If we don't aim to at least *partially* fill the ranks with ECS members, we may be losing sight of the bigger picture.

All existing teams are grandfathered in to be exempt from this, despite the fact that our current teams generally DO adhere to this standard already. Managers of existing teams should maintain a target of at least 1/3rd for their teams going forward.

7) Financial self-sufficiency

All ECS FC teams must have an executable plan for full financial self-sufficiency when it comes to paying team fees. Team fees are extremely expensive and the club generally cannot bear the cost of these so that a team can play for free. Special exceptions in which a team is not explicitly planned to be financially self-sufficient must be approved by the Director and will only be approved in extremely rare circumstances.

8) Approval by ECS FC Director

With all of these standards met, there is a very high certainty that the team will be approved. However, the director retains the final say, as a wide variety of extenuating circumstances may be present. For example, if the director feels that a new team could over-extend club resources, or if the director feels that a new team would overlap or infringe on a current team. The director also reserves the right to discontinue an existing team - the most likely factor being a financial one.
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