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ECS FC General Members Meeting - Saturday September 23, 2017

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As per Article V of ECS FC's official bylaws (found at: http://www.ecsfc.com/home/bylaws), ECS FC shall hold at least one general membership meeting per year.

We are proud to announce that the 2017 ECS FC Annual General Meeting was held on Saturday September 23rd at our The Atlantic Crossing (6508 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle, WA 98115). All members were invited to join us after the meeting for a watch party for Sounders @ Real Salt Lake at 6:30 PM. The ECS FC AGM began previous to the Sounders match, at 5 PM. We were also able to hold a raffle for members how purchased the Hellbent Take Em All Pale Ale or any Jameson drink.

In addition to speaking to the questions and comments brought forth by ECS FC players, the Board presented about the current and future state of our club and shared some plans for future events in the club.

The notes and agenda for the meeting were as follows:

-General Notes
-Meeting opens at 5:16pm
-17 members in attendance
-No quorum
-General Finances
-We are in the black
-Please note any team-related expenses must be directed to Amber Pells
-We are in the process of building reserve funds
-General Status of Teams
-GSSL teams
-80 to 90 players
-An average of 10 to 15 players increase from 2016
-45% of players are ECS members
-Teams are self-funded to allow club to build reserve funds
-ECS members get discounted rates on fees and merch
-We have teams in all GSSL Sunday divisions except for 2A
-Pub League
-Fall Session: canceled
-Late notice that Rainier Vista Boys & Girls Club cannot provide field due to prioritizing of youth programs
-Attempts were made to get a new field but administrative matters took too long (field reservation, insurance registration, etc.)
-Alternative Program: Pub League Days
-Saturday training sessions/scrimmages
-Monthly event
-GSSL and RATS are now associated with Cascadia Adult Soccer
-Membership cards provide $5,000 in insurance coverage
-ECS FC players need to get updated player cards
-Helps club avoid insurance fraud when injured during league matches
-Events for 2017-2018
-Supporters Cup
-ECS FC and TAFC have set guidelines for event setup
-TAFC has a new event coordinator
-No Footgolf
-Scheduling issues in alignment with Sounders’ schedule
-Looking for new sponsors
-Looking for new uniform sets
-Run on a 2-year cycle
-No timeline is set for getting new kits
-Working on getting best sponsorship deal possible
-Q & A
-Any specific sponsors?
-No specific sponsors in mind
-Is Amazon Smile still in effect?
-Yes, this fundraising opportunity is continuously in effect. Select “Emerald City Supporters FC” as your charitable organization.
-How much are we trying to raise for kits (uniforms)?
-How much does it cost to ACTUALLY cover kits?
-What happens to indoor teams for uniforms when we get new uniforms and sponsor?
-We would try to incorporate no-exclusivity in the new sponsorship contract so that old kits can be down cycled to indoor teams ; this is still TBD.
-What other fundraisers are we doing other than footgolf?
-Idea: ECS FC Kegger
-Idea: Soccer Billiards
-Idea: Soccer tennis tournament
-Idea: FIFA tournament
-If we do want to reach out with further questions, who do we contact?
-We do have 501(c)(3) status
-League fees are not deductible
-Donations are tax deductible
-Meeting adjourned at 5:48pm

Thank you so much to all who attended. On behalf of the ECS FC Management team we really appreciate the support and interest that our members show in ECS FC and we hope that these meetings will help us to continue to improve the operations and community of ECS FC.

Thank you and Take 'em All,

Cam Ballantyne
ECS FC Director
ECS FC Director
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