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5/29/13 :: Tampa Bay : SSFC (USOC) -- KICK 16:30

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Unread postby ProdigalReality » Thu May 30, 2013 7:39:59 pm

afecks wrote:
ProdigalReality wrote:I'm convinced he's miserable here, and that it has affected his game. He was not happy when he was shipped here, and then told to sit behind inferior players.

Comparing him to Montano is unfair. Watching him with the NT, you see that he has the talent to be one of the top players in the league. Montano never earned the hype behind him.

Are you suggesting that maybe he's shitting the bed on purpose, to try and get transferred? Otherwise, I can't figure out why he wouldn't take every playing chance he has to demonstrate why he should be on the First XI.

No, I'm saying that he hates being here, and it affects his ability. He wouldn't be the first player to put up bad performances in a place where he's miserable. Perhaps he just doesn't enjoy playing for the Sounders or for Sigi.
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Unread postby Crollaa » Fri May 31, 2013 12:33:23 am

cethe wrote:Mario seems to have potential but he's either too ambitious or too selfish most of the time

Part of him coming across as selfish is his complete lack of a right foot. There were several times in this game in particular where he could make an easy pass with his right foot, but he chooses to try to go to the endline because his right foot is shit and he knows it.
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Unread postby SimonM » Fri May 31, 2013 8:24:21 am

I'm not inclined to give up on Mario yet. He had a rough start to the season, for sure, and his set-pieces especially were fucking atrocious. But he looked lively when he came on against San Jose, and he had a good game against Dallas. He only got 20 mins against LA. Even in this game, I thought he was reasonably active and looked the most likely to make something happen.

I'm erring towards Fuzzy on this one. I don't think Mario hates it here; I think he's just frustrated that he's spending so much time on the bench when clearly he has the talent to be a clear starter on this team. That's not to say that he should be starting - I agree with afecks that he hasn't really earned a starting place yet - but I think we're starting to see signs of him settling in better.

I think Mario is a big confidence player. With Honduras, he's a certain starter, they build a lot of what they do around him, and he's free to express himself. I think that's a comfortable situation for him, and that gives him the confidence to play so well for them. Which he does, and not just against the minnows of Central America, either - he was excellent against Mexico in their recent Hex game. Here, it's a bit different, the style of play is something he's having to adapt to, and he's having to battle to prove himself. I still think he's going to be an excellent player for us. Once he puts together a string of solid performances, maybe notches a few goals, I think we'll start to see him really shine through, and the upside we could garner from that happening is enormous.
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Unread postby Llarian » Fri May 31, 2013 8:30:22 am

One thing I'd add about Mario, the Sounders have an option on his that's ridiculously low since t was negotiated before/during his rise to national team fame. I cannot think of any reason why they wouldn't exercise that option, even if it's just to sell him on immediately.

Funny thing is, I wonder where he thinks he's going to play that's better than here and will guarantee him first team minutes as well as the vast amounts of time he wants away for national team duties?
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Unread postby afecks » Fri May 31, 2013 12:42:28 pm

SimonM wrote:I think we're starting to see signs of him settling in better.

This is completely fair. It takes time to gel, and really, he hasn't be part of the team very long, and well, we all know how consistent our lineups have been so far this season, so he hasn't had a chance to figure out how to best integrate with this club. Having said that, when you do get the minutes, you need to make the most of them, which is where I think he's been falling short (or at least not living up to the expectations that were heaped on him after the playoff game last year). That's one bonus of being out of the USOC, less travel time means more training time and more training time generally means improved chemistry on the pitch.

I thinking with the decreased congestion coming up, there will be enough time for training that if Mario doesn't start gelling with the team, we should consider offloading him in the summer transfer window.
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