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Delayed Printing Option

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Is Delayed Printing a good idea?

Yes, it helps me constantly because I like to be told when I can print out my tickets.
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No, this option sucks and should be removed ASAP and allow instant print like last year.
No Preference.
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Unread postby jennifer » Mon Mar 2, 2015 8:37:50 pm

Who is a fan of the new Delayed Printing Option? This sounds like a forced way to make us visit website a lot more often than I really want to. (it's not my homepage!)
Delayed Printing Delivery: Each match will be made available to print within 7 days of the match. Much like an airline ticket, we have noticed our fans do not print until much closer to the time of the event. To avoid lost or duplicated tickets, your tickets will be available to print starting the week of the match.
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