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Unread postby TommyDeets » Sun Aug 27, 2017 8:46:14 pm

What was the reason behind the capo change today in lower GA?
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Unread postby bgk » Mon Aug 28, 2017 8:13:05 am

#WeAreKyle has been Capoing on the mainstand before. I guess I don't understand.
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Unread postby iwantabossjersey » Tue Aug 29, 2017 2:07:54 pm

and all season capos rotate... I'm confused as well.
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Unread postby wampXstomp » Tue Aug 29, 2017 9:10:42 pm

TommyDeets wrote:What was the reason behind the capo change today in lower GA?

Sometimes people need a break?
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Unread postby RatCity » Wed Aug 30, 2017 11:23:16 am

Going full 90s as a main stand capo is not the same as going full 90s for a side stand. The new crew coming in are coming together but it takes time to get full 90 fit. Also, all of our main capos with the exception of myself and Heather have been pulling double duty on side stands this year. Trust me when I tell you, fatigue is a very real problem for capos as the season goes on.
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