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Unread postby Drephe » Wed Jul 8, 2009 6:19:23 pm

Here some general guidelines for sub-groups:
  • Need 10-15 Paid ECS members.
  • Sub-group vs Regional Sub-group.
    1. Sub-group need to have some kind of reasonable purpose to form.
    2. Regional Sub-Groups need to be disconnected enough from Seattle and the main ECS core to justify existance.
  • You are ECS first and foremost, and being involved in a sub-group shouldn't take away from that, it should enhance it.
  • More guidelines to come.
Here is a list of current sub-groups:
Bellingham Border Boys - Bellingham
Black Hills Militia - Olympia
The Heartland Horde - Mid-west USA
Mile High Boys - Denver & Surrounding Areas
SoCal Sound - Southern California
Bay Area Sounders Supporters - Bay Area / Northern California
509 Prime - Spokane

Some of these groups aren't full fledged sub-groups yet, but are attempting to be. Check them out and see if you want to join up. Contact the leader of Sub-group you want to join. If you want to start your own sub-group contact FuzzyForeigner for more details.

Just remember, you don't have to form a Sub-group to be more involved just chime in and offer your help when needed. There is plenty of stuff going on.
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